De-facto standard for enterprise performance testing

HP performance testing software is the de-facto standard for enterprise-level performance testing. Built on HP LoadRunner software, the industry-leading solution, it includes a management framework that helps:

  • Support collaboration across distributed teams and projects
  • Standardize processes, centralize resources and build a performance testing CoE
  • Reduce cost, optimizing resource utilization with pooling, scheduling and 24x7 usage
  • Provide traceability from performance requirements (SLAs) to defects
  • Connect across the entire application lifecycle: from Development to Production

Key benefits

  • All the capabilities of HP LoadRunner
  • Web-based, 24x7, globally accessible platform with central repository
  • Resource pooling and scheduling to help optimize resource utilization
  • Lab Management Automation streamlines provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Integrations with HP ALM, HP BAC and HP BSM to support the whole application lifecycle

HP Software: Performance testing Center of Excellence

HP Software: Performance testing Center of Excellence

Gurmeen Aneja, Product Manager, HP Performance Center, shares a white board about the benefits of the Performance Center of Excellence

On-demand performance testing

Built on HP Performance Center, this on-demand SaaS solution enables you to load-test applications in and from the cloud. You can purchase the number of virtual users and protocol types you need for as long as you need them and scale up or down as projects evolve. Performance tests can be executed from load generators in the cloud or on your premises behind a firewall. And you can leverage the solution to build an entire practice and center of excellence to govern application performance across your enterprise.

Key benefits

  • Out-of-the-box ability to record protocols and avoid time-consuming coding
  • Cloud-based injectors: load-test applications in and from the cloud
  • Flexible economic options so you can pay as you grow
  • A ready-to-use platform for accelerating the performance validation phase
  • On-demand, turn-key load-testing services (also provided by HP partners)

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