Detect and combat counterfeit activities

Customers risk using products that are harmful to their health, while businesses face lawsuits, loss of revenue and brand erosion. The HP Global Product Authentication Service offers organizations a secure and scalable way to help companies crack down on counterfeiting for products as diverse as medications, cosmetics, auto parts, toys, electronic components and tickets to popular musical, sporting, or entertainment events.


Empower your customers with instant product verification

The HP Global Product Authentication Service allows customers to use their smartphone to scan a product’s QR code or send the code via a text message, to determine whether the product they wish to purchase is real or fake. Results come back immediately. This helps you to protect customers from potential physical harm or spending money on an inauthentic product they do not want, and also helps you to preserve your brand promise and ensure a positive experience for your customers.


Key features

  • Highly secure automatic code generation uniquely identifies each product
  • Real-time customer messaging verifies whether the product is authentic
  • Real-time analytics locate and identify counterfeiting activity using easily configured rules engine
  • Business portal interface eases access for brand managers, supply chain partners, and end-user customers

Market size problem

Counterfeiting is one of the fastest growing economic crimes of modern times. It presents companies, governments and individuals with a unique set of problems.

“The counterfeiting industry accounts for an estimated $600 billion a year of the world trade.”
- Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau of the International Chamber of Commerce

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Protect customers with product authentication


Brand Protection in a counterfeit world

HP Global Product Authentication Service