Troubleshoot Windows 7 Drivers for HP Printers

Learn how to troubleshoot the most common Windows 7  driver issues for your HP printer.
Troubleshoot Issues with Windows 7 Full Feature Printer DriversTroubleshoot Issues with Windows 7 Full Feature Printer Drivers

If your HP printer is supported on Windows 7 and has a full feature driver, the best way to find solutions to any problems that may arise is to consult the troubleshooting documentation for your product on the HP Customer Care web site.  Simply enter the product name and number of your printer in the search box, click “Next”, and navigate to the relevant Windows 7 support documents under the “Solve a Problem” category for that product.

For problems not addressed in the troubleshooting documents for your product, solutions may be available on the HP Consumer Support Forums, in the sections devoted to your product. 

Troubleshoot Issues with Windows 7 'In OS' Printer DriversTroubleshoot Issues with Windows 7 'In OS' Printer Drivers

If you recently changed your operating system (OS) to Windows 7, we have created the
How to Get Your HP Printer Working with Windows 7 document to assist you in getting your HP product working with the new OS.

The document explains how to install the drivers included in Windows 7 for your printer, answers frequently asked questions about “In OS” printer driver functionality, and provides solutions to common problems that may arise, such as:

  • Limited functionality in HP Toolbox

  • Importing and viewing images on a memory card

  • Limited button functionality (e.g., Photosmart Essentials, Copy and Scan buttons)

  • Checking ink levels

  • Issues with scanning and faxing

Each of these issues and more are covered in the document.


How HP Printers Work and Dealing with Installation ProblemsHow HP Printers Work and Dealing with Installation Problems

If you would like to learn more about HP printers work and how to deal with common printer installation problems, HP has created the HP Printer Installation topic web site to answer your questions and assist you in successfully installing your printer.

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