Capture the full business advantage from your enterprise applications

Enterprise applications are the lifeblood of your company; you rely on them to handle everything from your payroll, financial statements to tracking your customers. HP can align enterprise-wide application performance for business priorities and growth, apply accelerators and standards for rapid realization of benefits and optimize your mission-critical enterprise applications to stay competitive and innovative.

Improve your applications

HP Enterprise Applications Services helps you align your enterprise-wide applications to business priorities and operational requirements. This reduces time-to-market, lowers your total cost of ownership and provides business solutions to give you a competitive edge. These changes also help meet security, privacy, and compliance requirements.
Enterprise Applications Services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Enables you to achieve your critical customer-facing business outcomes by offering flexible CRM solutions, including deployment models (including cloud), customer-facing functions, user interfaces, project flexibility types and financing structures through HP Financial Services. Our Dynamics CRM services offer you tremendous flexibility to optimize your front office departments – Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service – and effectively integrate with your back office to enhance personalization and retention with customers and consumers, increase transparency and accountability with citizens and constituencies, and improve business relationships with vendors and suppliers.

Enterprise Applications Services for Oracle

Remove complexity and inefficiencies from your system so you can take advantage of new and updated software from Oracle. We provide full lifecycle services and support for Oracle applications. When your software package is properly aligned in your business environment, you gain the ability to respond to changing market conditions.

Enterprise Application Services for SAP

Reduce your total cost of operations and refocus on your primary business. We can update your system and properly implement applications to help operations run smoothly and remove complexity from your environment.