Add intelligence to your Identity and Access Management strategy

Identity and Access Management (IAM) services are an essential part of many enterprises, touching almost every area of the business. Think about how long it takes to remove a terminated employee’s access, audit user privileges or create reports on resource access metrics? Employees, clients and partners must have access to certain information, but is there a policy in place which provides regulates this? IAM revolves around the business users – enabling them to work efficiently and effectively in a controlled manner. HP IAM Services provide an understanding as to how to enable secure access for the appropriate people to collaborate in an ever evolving and borderless world.

Consulting Services: A roadmap to success

Our consultants bring years of experience and industry best practices to help you assess your existing IAM strategy and infrastructure. We create the right IAM strategy for your organization, and design and deploy IAM systems that build upon your previous investments. We also help you to understand the business-wide impact of your technology choices.


IAM Consulting Services

Business Readiness Workshop

The business readiness workshop is a five day, high-level assessment of an organization’s current IAM strategy or readiness for one. The workshop builds consensus among key stakeholders across the whole business. It helps you obtain executive support for IAM projects and understand next steps for project initiation.

Key deliverables include:

  • Definition of key pain points and benefits for your organization
  • Identification of the largest areas for financial benefit
  • List and analysis of key stakeholders
  • Roadmap of long-term IAM strategic goals

Strategy, Architecture and Blueprint Service

The strategy, architecture, and blueprint service is either a six or ten week engagement where HP assists you in developing an IAM strategy, architecture and roadmap in line with your business requirements. The workshop gives clear project justification through understanding of quantitative and qualitative benefits specific to your organization. In addition, you build consensus among key stakeholders across the business and develop a prioritized Roadmap with modularized, manageable, and sequenced tasks.

Key deliverables include:

  • Current state discovery including current IAM systems, processes, projects, key pain points, and business drivers from various parts of your organization
  • Proposed architecture including possible alternatives
  • IAM roadmap and timeline

IAM Services

Automated User Provisioning Service

HP Automated User Provisioning Service (AUPS) can help automate the creation, change and deletion of user accounts and access rights for employees and business units. AUPS detects changes in a human resource database and correlates its provisioning activities to reflect these changes (for example remove rights of a terminated employee almost instantly). HP AUPS has the potential to significantly reduce your operating costs and risk while improving productivity.

Credential and Authentication Management Services

HP credential management and authentication services enable you to secure your enterprise environment, ensuring your users are who they say they are. There are various forms of authentications methods, from the traditional username and password, to PKI certificates, hardware tokens, software tokens, digital certificates, biometrics, and out- of- band authentication (two factor authentication). These credentials and authentication tools are pivotal in securing enterprise networks and information. HP’s IAM practice can find the most suitable and cost effective method of managing your enterprise credentials and establishing your authentication methodology.