Securing your data

One of the top concerns you face when it comes to your data center is security. You need to protect your servers, mainframes and storage from cyber and physical threats. You need to maintain security in a world you can’t touch with virtualization and cloud computing.

It is your responsibility to manage the risks your data center faces while maintaining compliance with regulatory mandates. And as the global economy shifts and fluctuates, your company must remain flexible with spending constraints. Security continues to get more complicated with patches and updates eating into your organization’s time and increasing maintenance costs.

HP Data Center Security Services help you determine where cloud computing would be appropriate for your company or organization. We assess where you can use a public cloud versus where you need to establish a private cloud. We also provide services to maintain security for all your data center devices including servers, mainframes and storage devices.

What risks does your company face?

HP Data Center Security Services allow your company to migrate to a cloud computing environment in a secure and protected fashion. This new facet of data centers gives your company the flexibility provided by the virtual environment, and we make sure the environment securely holds your data. The service also provides security services for servers, storage and mainframes.

With increasing security patches, we protect your information and make sure the proper fixes are applied without increasing complexity.


System Hardening Services and Server Policy Compliance Services

System Hardening Services assess and harden Windows, Linux, UNIX and z/OS operating systems and networking equipment. We protect super user accounts and configure new hardware and operating systems to reduce security risks. By checking for open gates and closing them, configuring firewalls and changing factory-installed passwords, we protect your hardware before it is established on your network.

Server Policy Compliance Services perform initial set-up and make sure servers remain in continued compliance. We continue to check on the equipment and see that it stays within policy requirements for system settings. These services are provided as a managed service or as a consultation service.


Encryption Services

This service provides design, deployment and optional management of encryption tools and processes. We can help you in creating, storing and retrieving encryption keys. We provide services for tape, server-attached storage and storage area networks


Cloud Discovery Workshop This interactive, one-day strategy session with an HP consultant helps you identify strategic cloud initiatives. You’ll discuss security, availability, governance and financial requirements and develop a road map for next steps. The workshop is applicable whether you want to outsource cloud services, enable a private cloud or provide cloud services to your customers.

The workshop provides attendees with a highly visual experience with life-sized panels to show how cloud computing can help your company gain flexibility and reduce capital expenditures.

» HP Converged Cloud Workshop
» HP Government Cloud Discovery Workshop


Cloud Computing Security Assessment and Cloud Assure Service

HP can identify potential vulnerabilities within either a private or public cloud infrastructure and advise you on the security governance of the cloud service provider. This three week service includes a review of the security of the infrastructure, platforms, and applications that make up an organization’s cloud. The assessment is based on the 15 domains of cloud security emphasis defined in the Cloud Security Alliance's Critical Areas of Focus.

Our Cloud Assure Service validates the security, performance and availability of your cloud environment in a remote software-as-a-service. It detects and corrects security vulnerabilities of networks, operating systems, middleware and web applications.

This service provides assessment of the physical location of your data center. Experts come on-site and evaluate the location and perimeter of your proposed or existing data center. Our experts assess your site’s fire prevention and physical access controls. The main goal of Data Center Physical Security is to help your organization prevent outages and deal with vulnerabilities before you have a loss.