Millions of devices in millions of hands

As an IT manager, you work every day to make sure your company is protected from dangerous and malicious attacks. Unfortunately the creators of viruses, worms, spyware, and other forms of malicious code are all trying to keep ahead of you and your security systems. And it doesn’t help the situation when they are trying to attack you at arguably your weakest point—your end point devices.

Your servers, printers, laptops, mobile and imaging devices are under attack—protect them so your employees can still work with flexibility. HP End Point Security Services protect your company against vulnerabilities and helps develop controls to secure your environment.

You need to manage risks while keeping spending under control. You are spending so much time defending your business, how are you ‘enabling’ your business in a world where everyone wants access to everything now and on whichever device they choose? How comfortable are you with the explosion of internet-enabled mobile phones used by your organization’s employees? Are you securing IP-enabled printers? How do you plan to protect the devices within your company?

How can you protect all your device types?

HP End Point Security Services can provide your company with either consulting services or fully managed security services to meet your needs and prevent security incidents.


End Point Threat Management Service

The End Point Threat Management Service includes design, implementation and management of anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewall environments for desktop and laptop systems. Centrally manage and monitor updates and patches. Includes discovery, notification and remediation.


Host Intrusion Detection and Host Intrusion Protection Services (HIDS/HIPS)

HP Host Intrusion Detection and Host Intrusion Protection Services monitors, detects and identifies malicious code and unauthorized system access. This service includes integration with security information and event management (SIEM) and security incident response for event reporting and remediation.


Server System Hardening Services

Our experts minimize security vulnerabilities and make sure administration privileges are in the correct hands through proper set up of super user accounts, password settings, etc. They establish a base environment to minimize security disruptions.


Mobile Security Services

This service provides comprehensive protection for smartphones and other PDAs. It includes security implementation, policy enforcement, remote device wipe and mobile device encryption.


Image and Printer Security Services

Our experts design, implement and manage printer and image device security. Processes and software protect both hard copies and stored electronic data. This service provisions for general organizational and special-requirement departmental policies.

The credentials to secure your business

HP End Point Security Services detects and quarantines 3.1 million viruses annually. We manage over 2,700 intrusion detection systems. Our services also detect and quarantine 40 million instances of malware annually.

Through our cloud-based and leveraged services, we can minimize your capital expenses, reduce your operating expenses, and provide you with greater flexibility.



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