Reduce the cost of capturing data

Even in the electronic age, much of the data that feeds major applications in financial services, healthcare, the public sector and other businesses arrives on paper. HP Multi-channel Capture Services processes paper documents—also faxes, scans, IVR and key-to-text interactions—to extract data fields for subsequent processing by your applications. We check document quality for unreadable documents or missing coupons and resolve as appropriate. We forward the data and documents to you for processing by your systems or storage in an image repository.

Multi-channel Capture Services reduces the cost of capturing data. It speeds up business processes, so you are more responsive to customers. It provides information security, so you can document compliance with regulations and privacy policies. And it enables easier access to information, so your employees are more productive and your customers more satisfied.

Multi-channel Capture to reduce costs and improve quality

HP Multi-channel Capture Services offers a full breadth of high quality document solutions. It also provides the industry expertise, global reach and scalability required to meet challenging and changing business needs. Services include:

  • Mailroom management—Your customers mail physical documents directly to one of our processing centers. We open, sort and prep the documents for scanning. Each document is assigned a control number for tracking.
  • Document imaging—Documents are scanned and digitized using high speed scanners. We can also receive and process scanned documents sent from scanners in your branches or in consumers’ offices or homes using Digital Data Capture Architecture (DDCA).
  • Data Capture—Pertinent data fields are extracted from digital images.
  • Data release—Data is formatted according to your specifications, and data and documents are transmitted electronically to one or more of your systems for processing.