Know what you own

Purchasing hardware or software, is a strategic and costly investment. Like any investment, knowing what you own is critical. It must be justified, secure and able to fulfill your specific requirements. With HP Asset Management Services, we work with you to assess your inventory of hardware and software assets, so you know—what assets you have, and where they are located—making it easy for users to order what's needed.

At the end of hardware and software lifecycles, we help you extend the usefulness of existing inventory by repurposing assets that still have value or securely disposing of those that don't. For leased equipment, we help track and prepare the equipment for its timely return.

Managing the entire lifecycle of hardware and software assets is vital for every company. If managed properly, you can avoid many unexpected costs and improve operational efficiencies.

How HP can help you

Analysts report that most companies overspend on their hardware assets by 40 percent. Of these, most did not have a reliable inventory tracking method for managing their IT investments; or they did not leverage their buying power across the full scope of their business enterprise.

We help you make necessary hardware and software purchase decisions that save you money by helping you manage and re-purpose existing equipment and software assets. We help you track equipment purchases and leases, manage software licenses and dispose of unserviceable and outdated equipment. This helps you avoid lease return penalties and keeps you in compliance with government regulations and software contracts.

HP experts also work to maintain productivity and high satisfaction for your critical resources. For example, the HP 24-hour Express Exchange service provides an option to ship a replacement computer for delivery within 24 hours of notification. We pre-load and configure the replacement asset before it arrives to ensure business continues without major disruption.


Asset Procurement Services

HP Asset Procurement Services provide the tools and processes to order, track and manage the services and equipment your company needs. By providing easy access to a catalog of standard equipment and maintenance services, we help you better manage your inventory throughout its lifecycle. Our experts work with partner suppliers to help you get the best product for the best price.


Hardware Asset Management

HP Hardware Asset Management provides your company with a firm grasp on owned or leased assets. When a new asset is acquired, we open a record for it in a central repository. We provide monthly tracking and reports that include tracking information with the type, size and status of your equipment.

Asset Management has tight integration with HP Service Desk and Site Support operations so that any asset changes, moves or repairs are appropriately updated in the asset record until the time the asset and its record are retired.

Equipment lease, warranty and maintenance tracking and reporting are also available in addition to the base service for desktop, midrange and mainframe equipment. These services allow you to minimize potential lease return penalties while maximizing available warranty benefits.


Software Asset Management

HP Software Asset Management helps you understand what software:

  • Has been deployed in the environment
  • Requires licensing
  • Is compliant with software agreements

Our experts analyze your existing software licensing terms and conditions. We track how many licenses are available, in use and are needed, and provide reports that validate this information. Software Asset Management helps your company cut costs, gain control and end license compliance concerns.


Managed Logistics Services

Managed Logistics Services tracks IT assets that are added to or retired from your workplace inventory. This service is composed of hardware logistics and asset recovery, and includes all needed specialized skills, infrastructure and staging facilities to efficiently manage your company's physical IT assets.

Hardware Logistics manages the introduction of physical devices into your workplace environment. For your refreshes or project-based rollouts, we take care of all of the deployment or integration logistics including asset tagging, hardware upgrades, software upgrades, imaging and delivery to make sure that every user gets the assets that they need in a timely and accurate manner.

Asset Recovery also focuses on extending the value of de-installed assets or the proper disposal of assets that have no additional value. In this way, we can help you mitigate potential security and privacy compliance risk through secure and environmentally sound recycling.