Preparing your system for impending changes

Microsoft© rolled out its Windows 7 operating system in October 2009.They will discontinue support for Windows XP in April 2014. You may have thousands of computers all needing to be refreshed and updated with the new OS and you're dreading the logistical nightmare.

Windows 7 is not the only change your computer systems must undergo. As new software is released, it needs to be packaged and tested for compatibility and maintained with the timely delivery of application updates and security patches.

HP Workplace Software Management Services provides the planning, automation and distribution framework needed to deploy operating systems, applications, security patches and application service packs to computers across an organization. We also build and test base OS images, and package and test applications to ensure they work well with the hardware, OS and other applications that it will interact with.

Update your operating system, image and patches

HP Workplace Software Management Services reduces the amount of time your company spends on tactical projects, such as deploying an operating system, applications and patches, so that you can keep your IT employees and assets focused on your core strategic business projects. By focusing your resources on your primary business, you can increase your ability to quickly react to the changing dynamics of your business.


Windows 7 Readiness Service

HP Windows 7 Readiness service is an assessment plan that analyzes how Windows 7 will impact and benefit your IT infrastructure in critical areas such as applications, network, security storage and packaging and distribution. The service consists of the following phases:

  • Discovery: Gathering detailed information and data across your environment
  • Testing: Developing a Windows 7 build for application compatibility testing and analysis
  • Planning: Determining possible impact alternatives and working with you to provide data and input to make an informed selection. During this phase the Transformation plan and Business Case Framework is created and presented

This service and our proven best practices for Windows 7 migrations are available to all outsourcing clients. HP offers a 1-day Windows 7 Readiness Workshop where we provide a high level assessment to determine the impact of migrating to Windows 7. A typical workshop includes the Windows 7 introduction, Strategic Direction, Assessment & Deployment steps, Data Center Modernization considerations and an introduction to HP's assessment and deployment services for Windows 7.

Windows 7 Migration Service

Windows 7 Migration Services provides the project management and software engineering expertise to design, build and test migration solutions. The service scope ranges from focused tactical migrations to enterprise-wide operating system and application deployments. It also provides the knowledge and experience required to effectively implement and maintain a reliable long-term solution for managing desktop OS and application updates and patches. The two primary components of this solution are software distribution and application packaging and testing.

Software Distribution Services

To facilitate software distribution across your enterprise, HP first lays down a distribution framework. The distribution framework allows us to stage and electronically distribute OS builds, upgrades, service packs and security patches to end user devices. This automated service allows us to send OS builds directly to the end user or quickly resolve potential security vulnerabilities by quickly and systematically upgrading and distributing patches and upgrades.

Application Packaging and Testing Service

Application Packaging and Testing services packages, scripts and tests applications for automated installations. Application Packaging ensures the integrity of the application bundle and your IT environment by using formal procedures to stage releases of software in development, test, and production environments. Once packaged and tested, we deploy the application bundles to the appropriate end users with little to no downtime, keeping them productive and providing them with applications and security patches that will keep them that way.