Look to the cloud to transform your SAP Applications

If you want to reduce the cost of daily operations while providing innovative solutions to help your company remain competitive and positioned for future growth – moving your SAP applications to a virtual private cloud model is the logical step to take. Our HP Helion Business Applications for SAP provide an end-to-end suite of services to help you prepare and deploy cloud-based production versions of your SAP applications by combining these services:

  • HP Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud – provisioned from our world-wide data centers, we provide infrastructure services without the high cost of owning and managing your own equipment or data center
  • Applications Transformation to Cloud Services – we have integration solutions to connect your new cloud-based SAP applications to legacy applications running in your traditional data centers
  • Enterprise Application Management Services for SAP – running on a cloud platform, we leverage our RunSAP best practices and methodologies to provide the same level of service and outcome-based metrics available on our traditional on-premise data center environment

Realize the benefits of the cloud

We provide experts and solutions that can help you reduce time-to-market, lower total cost-of-ownership and create a competitive edge by:

  • Reducing time to delivery – includes reducing lead time to procure and set up SAP applications and infrastructure
  • Shifting from a fixed capital investment to an operating expenditure – with no capital investment necessary
  • Adopting secure, reliable, flexible and scalable SAP applications environments
  • Enabling better asset usage, including software, people and skills
  • Gaining faster start time for prototypes and projects