ITD Benefits

What are we offering you

If your company has a groundbreaking offering or solution that you would like to introduce to the world, HP is looking for you. As the world's largest technology company, HP has the ability to open the right doors for you and forge ties with valued partners.

As a member of one of HP's partner programs, you will enjoy a broad range of benefits:

Global market leadership

By partnering with HP, you partner with the world's leading technology company that operates in 178 countries. No other company offers as complete a technology product portfolio as HP. We provide infrastructure and business offerings that span from handheld devices to some of the world's most powerful supercomputer installations. The combination of HP's technology with your innovative idea can prove extremely beneficial for both companies.

Proven strategies and roadmap

Business strategies and roadmaps serve as the basis for your company's continuous growth, success and profitability. HP's experienced teams can help you devise business plan strategies, and outline a roadmap that will define your goals and objectives.

Worldwide marketing and sales forces

As the no. 1 global IT company, HP enables growing technology companies to reach new markets quickly, while preserving their cash-flow budget.

Global support and service capabilities

HP's worldwide presence means that we offer global support, consulting, integration and project delivery capabilities, which enable you, as our partner, to offer these services in these countries as well, using HP's existing infrastructure.

An enhanced eco-system of business technology partners

For over 20 years, HP has been creating partnerships with global leading companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, Intel and SAP.

Technology and business consulting

HP offers its partners global expertise in standardization, regulation, market demands and vertical sectors.

Benchmark and experience centers

HP operates benchmark and experience centers in Israel and around the world, offering evaluation and assessment of workloads, availability and performance under real-life conditions. The services of these centers are also available to you.