International Technology District - ITD

Come Together

Israel is considered a world leader in innovation and technological breakthroughs. However, even the most innovative and pioneering ideas and technological developments require extensive sales and marketing efforts, as well as widespread global presence and support. This is where HP comes into play. HP’s corporate considers Israel as a major center of hi-tech entrepreneurship, and constantly reviews the local industry in search of trailblazing opportunities and groundbreaking ideas.

As the world's largest technology company, HP has the ability to open the right doors, to reach policy makers and opinion shapers and to forge ties with valued partners. HP believes in innovation and creativity, and consequently, supports emerging businesses that introduce groundbreaking ideas. HP's portfolio spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure to solve customer problems. Therefore, the combination of HP's technology with other innovative technologies, presents the most enhanced portfolio of solutions and services in the industry.

HP's understanding of the quality and potential of the Israeli technology industry serves as the basis for combining HP's professional and marketing forces with the ideas and vision of Israeli R&D.

International Technology District, or ITD, is a division of HP that bridges between the company and Israeli high-tech industry. ITD maps and evaluates the Israeli technology companies based on criteria of innovation, technological breakthrough, business models, growth potential, vision and market trends. ITD supports the promising Israeli companies that present proven technologies, which leverage HP's portfolio of hardware, software and services. ITD pre-scans these companies, and the synergy of their offerings with HP's portfolio, facilitating joint go-to-market and engagement models.

ITD specializes in various business segments and industries, such as communications, healthcare, homeland security, finance, distribution and manufacturing solutions.

If you have a groundbreaking offering, ITD offers you the chance to join forces, to take full advantage of what HP can offer you, and achieve mutual success.

HP wishes to team up with the ones who formulate today the technologies of tomorrow.

“Israel is the most important place for innovation outside Silicon Valley”

The Economist

“Nowhere else is there such a concentration of technological innovation and entrepreneurial ability”

Graham Dallas, London Stock Exchange