Reduce IT-related Costs

In today’s challenging business environment, organizations of all kinds strive to reduce IT costs—while still driving productivity, growth and innovation. Now you can achieve those goals, and more, with comprehensive market-proven IT Cost Optimization solutions from HP.


Organizations across the industrial spectrum want to reduce costs and improve performance. HP stands ready to help you do both—by assessing your current environment, identifying opportunities for improvement, and working with you to design, build and deploy a solution that transforms your operations. From IT financial management and automation to virtualization, hardware and software consolidation, our experts guide you through the cost optimization process. HP solution components include:

  • Application modernization and management
  • Service management
  • Data Center Transformation
  • Energy and Sustainability Management
  • IT outsourcing
  • HP's Business Technology Optimization software suite

Companies worldwide are leveraging HP solutions to optimize cost savings. GM DAEWOO improved productivity 30 percent and cut costs 20 percent. Airbus cut SAP costs 30 percent by consolidating three data centers into one. Tong Yang Group used database management software to contain storage costs, improve data management, and enhance both customer satisfaction and sales.

HP helps you:

  • Reduce costs in research, design, development and assembly
  • Standardize, automate and consolidate IT resources
  • Focus and spend less on IT maintenance and management
  • Invest more in IT innovation

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