Thrive in an uncertain environment

Information needs to be shared, yet secure.

In the information-rich world of today's government organizations, cybersecurity must be a top priority. Safeguarding information, networks, and data centers requires constant vigilance. However, you can't just erect a wall to keep intruders at bay. Information must be shared to enable agency missions and better serve citizens.

HP Cybersecurity Solutions enable government organizations to share, use and store information safely and securely. Our proven solutions and services can help you:

  • Securely obtain and share information for accurate decision-making
  • Find and remediate vulnerabilities within applications
  • Prevent unauthorized access to systems and buildings
  • Protect private information about citizens while services continue

HP leverages more than 45 years of public and private sector information security experience to help protect your agency's data, networks, and storage without compromising your ability to carry out your missions.

Cybersecurity for U.S. Public Sector

HP’s services, products, and solutions help to secure our U.S. public sector clients’ missions —not just their information technology.

Cybersecurity for Defense

From its very inception, HP has been a leader in the development of the cyber domain and its integration within defense organizations.

Comprehensive Applications Threat Analysis

HP Comprehensive Applications Threat Analysis Service analyzes applications early in the lifecycle to identify vulnerabilities and recommend changes

It only takes one

  • A single email with an embedded virus or worm
  • One lone instance of unauthorized network access
  • A solitary line of unsecure code buried deep within an application
  • An individual loss of a laptop or mobile device with unencrypted data

Any of these scenarios, and many more, can wreak havoc for public sector organizations – placing critical and classified data at risk, threatening critical infrastructure, and impeding agency operations.

HP's approach to cybersecurity – through hardware, software, services and policy improvements – protects your data and systems, and enables your agency to function and succeed.

We not only contain and prevent threats, we anticipate them. We identify and fix vulnerabilities before they are breached. We secure systems, applications, networks and data centers to enable government agencies to feel confident in the security of their data.