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Why is applications security important? Quite simply, because the applications layer is one of the weakest points in our security structure today. More than 70% of successful attacks happen in the applications environment. The blurring of the boundary between work and personal devices, and the citizens’ demand for ubiquitous services, is rapidly expanding the applications that public sector organizations must secure. And governments must still deliver services from old applications that were not designed for this new threat environment while adding new applications that put a premium on the users’ experience over security. Under these new threat and user profiles, public sector organizations need to rethink how they address applications security.

HP Applications Security services help clients improve software assurance by bridging the gap between traditional application development processes and modern security measures. We provide a full suite of applications security services including application testing—with security code review, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, security consulting services and our Comprehensive Applications Security Analysis (CATA), which provides the ability to design security resilience into the applications architecture.


Gain the following from HP applications Security services:

  • Reduction in breaches and the costs associated with post-incident investigations and mitigation activities
  • Comprehensive services to secure your applications throughout their lifecycle, with a strong emphasis on proactive approaches that avoid rework cost
  • Leverage of proven expertise, security certifications, tools and techniques for securing your applications
  • Knowledge transfer from subject matter experts to provide training opportunities for your staff

HP QuickSAMM assessment

Learn how you can rapidly assess the security of your software through the HP QuickSAMM Assessment PDF 74 KB