Attention to details

HP Endpoint Security Services assists governments to proactively avoid security incidents occurring at network endpoints such as servers, PCs, mobile devices, and printers. These services:

  • Protect against threats such as viruses, worms, malware, spyware, intrusions, malicious code, and unauthorized access
  • Ensure endpoint data loss prevention
  • Minimize the financial, operational, technical, legal, and public relations impact of a security incident
  • Use centralized configuration, standardization, and automation to replace manual security activities

HP's integrated services for endpoint network security:

  • Detect and quarantines 45 million malware annually
  • Support over two million mobile handheld subscribers

The HP endpoint security solutions include:

  • Endpoint Threat Management (EPTM)
  • Host Intrusion Detection Services/Host Intrusion Prevention Services (HIDS/HIPS)
  • System Hardening Services
  • Mobile Security Services
  • Image and Print Security Services