Operational security solutions

HP Security Operations services help minimize government agency security vulnerabilities resulting from:

  • Super-user accounts
  • Password settings
  • Missing security patches
  • Incorrect security configurations
  • Other potential security operations vulnerabilities

Our security operations services add value to government agencies by:

  • Proactively avoiding security incidents
  • Consolidating the monitoring, logging, correlation, mitigation, reporting, and handling of security events
  • Providing a unified means of viewing and handling security
  • Managing complexity of the millions of security events occurring daily
  • Correlating events to determine issues of significance and root cause
  • Handling significant security events through a process of escalation, triage, technical assistance, and executive notification
  • Providing an archive of security events that is required for compliance and forensics

HP has more than 40 years of experience in delivering managed security services and more than 20 years of delivering IT security operations consulting.