Technology to improve offender management

Worldwide, citizens demand a civilized and safe society. Securing and rehabilitating offenders improves safety and builds communities.

Overcrowded prisons and budgetary concerns challenge governments to improve safety and rehabilitate offenders, while lowering costs. Advanced information technology (IT) solutions can help. By providing leaders, managers and employees with timelier and more accurate information, the right IT solutions can effectuate better decision-making, improved outcomes and increased resource utilization.

With a wide range of IT solutions, HP helps justice and corrections agencies better manage offenders when in the institution and upon release; decrease financial, human resource and procurement risks; and improve healthcare services provisioning—to create safer, more secure prison facilities and safer communities that we serve.

Feeling the budget crunch

The cost of incarcerating prisoners continues to rise due to mandatory sentencing requirements, increasing sentence lengths and escalating healthcare costs. At the same time, recidivism rates continue to climb. Correctional organizations are looking to new offender management solutions to better manage risk, healthcare informational needs, safety, offender compliance and to improve the delivery of rehabilitation services.

While the costs associated with maintaining the prison populations increase, state and local budgets for corrections are being reduced. Agencies are increasingly looking at creative program management and innovative technologies to further policy outcomes and lower expenses without compromising efficiency or security.

Complete, comprehensive service lines

We understand the strict physical and IT security requirements of the corrections environment. We understand the special care that is required when working with and around offenders.

HP provides a full range of technology solutions that support governments and their offender management needs. We focus on helping clients achieve their goals and meet their needs, instead of selling the same suite of services to every client. Our comprehensive solutions help governments improve outcomes, safety and rehabilitation while increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

Solutions include:

  • Offender management
  • Document management
  • Healthcare management
  • Visitor management
  • Kiosk services
  • Administrative management

Our software, hardware, network and mobility expertise ensure the highest levels of solution performance and security. From print management to converting printed documents to images, we understand the complexity and security required to provide technology solutions in an environment that is particularly dependent upon documents and hard-copies.

We offer a comprehensive solution to meet the demands of your systems. Due to the converged nature of our solution, we offer a large and complete offering—unlike anything else in the marketplace. We focus first and foremost on policy outcomes with an understanding of how technology best supports clients’ needs, by constructing solutions in a highly effective manner.

We excel in managing large and complicated programs, but we are qualified to assist organizations of any size. We partner with leading corrections applications experts on projects to provide the best solutions available.

Gain a deeper understanding

HP Offender Management helps meet the greatest challenges facing justice agencies today. Whether it is sharing information and results across levels of government, meeting mission responsibilities, or reducing costs, we have the expertise to help you meet every challenge.