IT solutions for justice

Citizens want to feel safe in their homes, their communities, and their workplaces. They expect fair, timely, and transparent justice; and 24x7 access to justice services. Increasing caseloads, case duration, and case complexity combined with budgetary limitations place unparalleled pressures on judicial organizations.

Many governmental agencies are responding to these challenges by establishing specialized courts, developing partnerships with other government and nonprofit organizations, and enacting legislation designed to reduce prison populations. Various justice-related branches of government are using information technology (IT) as a key enabler to enhance performance, improve operational efficiency, establish improved business processes and create administrative efficiencies.

HP helps clients apply innovative technology solutions that improve justice policy outcomes, effectiveness and efficiency. Our solutions assist the judiciary, court clerks and administrative staff, prosecutors, public defenders, probation officials, parole administrators, and juvenile detention

Typically, the judiciary, court staff, prosecutors, public defenders, private attorneys and probation and parole officials are facing increasing caseloads, more hearings in a more compressed time frame, increased time to disposition, and more complex issues to resolve. Frequently, a high percentage of cases are not ready for trial on the date initially set for trial. To meet many of these challenges, justice agencies and departments are using information technology to:

  • Provide a fairer, more timely, accessible, efficient and cost-effective justice system
  • Improve citizen access to justice systems
  • Allow better and more thorough decision-making through improved access to accurate information

HP Justice services help clients achieve justice policy outcomes, improve operational efficiency, and establish new and updated administrative procedures. Our solutions enable courts, prosecutors, public defenders, parole and probation, and juvenile detention to:

  • Integrate data and systems across complex justice practices
  • Automate manual processes to paperless or print-on-demand
  • Provide access to justice via the Internet
  • Increase revenue through improved fee capturing

Solutions include:

  • Performance metrics
  • Case and content management
  • Trial management
  • Electronic filing
  • Paperless or print-on-demand solutions
  • Payment, discovery, public access, docket management
  • Courtroom scheduling
  • Attorney scheduling
  • Investigator workspace
  • Registry activities
  • Financial and resource management

Our 600 Justice and Public Safety clients in over 60 countries demonstrate HP's ability to successfully help clients achieve policy outcomes, improve effectiveness and increase efficiency. Year after year, HP is rated as one of the top three global providers of justice solutions.

HP understands the challenges courts and justice agencies face—whether it's meeting mission responsibilities, legal barriers to information sharing or the need to reduce costs amid tighter budgets, HP's proven IT solutions helps deal with these issues both effectively and efficiently.