Complex issues – coordinated response

Complex issues require coordinated responses to promote self-sufficiency for society’s most vulnerable citizens. HP Eligibility Services lets agencies efficiently capture data and determine eligibility for multiple health and human services programs. These may include income and food assistance, employment services, child support, child welfare, housing and health care programs.

We can transform your current system by adding productivity enhancing features. We can modernize aging and inflexible technology. Or we can replace it with an up-to-date HP solution or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) package.

HP Eligibility Services eliminates redundant data entry. It reduces the need for face-to-face contact with participants and gives them convenient access via the Web or telephone. That allows agencies to focus case worker attention on those that need it. Most important, Eligibility Services gives you the flexibility to respond to changes brought about by major policy and legislative reforms.

New demands need new solutions.

The sagging economy and high unemployment have driven up demand for human services and social welfare programs around the world. Some countries are undertaking ambitious policy changes, and developing countries are establishing social safety nets from scratch. That requires significant business and technology transformation.

Human services and social welfare agencies are caught in the crossfire. They face new demands, limited funding and aging systems that lack the flexibility to change as programs change. Productivity becomes critical as case workers must handle greater volumes.

What agencies need are modern, up-to-date systems that cost less to operate. They should reduce administrative effort for case workers and streamline access for citizens. And they should adapt to legislation and rules changes through reconfiguration rather than redevelopment. That’s just what HP Eligibility Services does.

Transform your eligibility processing.
HP Eligibility Services can modernize your system and add new features like a web portal or customer communication management platform. We can replace your system with a flexible, up-to-date solution based on service-oriented architecture (SOA). We can provide standalone applications and integrate them with other functions and agencies. Or we can select and implement a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) package that fits your needs.

Whichever route you choose, Eligibility Services provides several important functions:

  • Eligibility transformation—A suite of services to design and implement a solution to transform your eligibility processing.
  • Integrated eligibility solution—Applies user-defined program rules to enable accurate eligibility determination and precise benefit calculation.
  • HP Exstream—Seamlessly supports high-volume, on-demand and interactive document applications of all types, regardless of complexity, variability or output channel.

Go with world-wide experience.
We have more than 45 years of experience in partnerships with governments. That lets us deliver deep policy knowledge, operational experience and applications expertise specific to health and human services. We help our government clients achieve better policy outcomes, improve services, contain costs and increase accuracy.

Our pioneering collaborations with social welfare agencies have opened up avenues to a new kind of success. We dramatically increase efficiency while providing more convenient and secure access to government welfare and benefits services.

Eligibility Services is a flexible toolkit. We can provide the solution that best fits your needs—from business process redesign to incremental modernization to legacy system replacement. We’re the partner you need to understand and implement major policy changes and improve eligibility processing for all your programs.