Effective public administration is central to the modernization of public services

For governments at all levels, effective financial management and administration are critical. Countries recovering from a financial crisis need to consolidate public finances. In countries for which managing growth is the key issue, public administration and financial management are essential foundations for investment in public services and infrastructure.

Tax and customs agencies are under pressure to raise revenue, increase efficiency and implement new policies rapidly. Finance Ministries, Treasuries and Central Banks must provide effective stewardship of public finances. Human Resources, Finance and other support functions have to do more with less, delivering efficiencies while supporting the business in a time of considerable change.

HP knows how to navigate these complex business and technology issues and can help governments and public sector agencies address these multi-faceted challenges.

Tax and Revenue Solutions

Helping taxation agencies and ministries of finance harness technology to meet 21st century challenges.

Public Finance and Treasury

Helping governments manage finance administration and budgets.

Administration Services

Expanding services to citizens while reducing costs in back-office functions like HR, finance, procurement and other support activities.

Customs Technology Services

Transform the way you use information technology to master the collection of customs duties while efficiently and safely speeding people and goods across borders.

Public Retirement and Benefits Administration

Bringing public employee retirement systems up-to-date

Streamlining finance and administration functions requires a wide range of business and technology expertise.

HP has the experience and innovation you need to improve services and reduce costs. Learn how HP can:

  • Help you reduce the tax gap, increase efficiency and improve the quality of taxpayer services
  • Help ministries of finance and other government finance agencies prepare, execute and control budgets
  • Transform back-office functions, such as procurement and human resources, using shared-service models   and increased automation of processes, including online self-service options
  • Maximize customs duties collection while securely facilitating trade and passenger flow across national borders