Modernize your tax and revenue technology

HP Tax and Revenue Solutions help taxation agencies and ministries of finance harness technology to meet 21st century challenges.

We examine your goals, situation and constraints to develop application and technical architectures and a transformation roadmap. We can modernize your existing applications or replace them with new ones that use modern open architectures and standard interfaces. We implement the new or updated applications and integrate them with existing systems and other government agencies. And we maintain and support the system, or enable you team to do it as you move into the future.

HP Tax and Revenue Solutions help you increase collections and close the “tax gap.” They protect privacy of taxpayer information. They let you react quickly to changes in tax laws. And they help you reduce the cost of collections.

Do more with less

In most western countries the economic downturn has increased pressure on government finances. As a result, governments look to tax agencies to reduce the “tax gap”—the difference between theoretical taxes and taxes actually collected. They expect more for less, so many tax and revenue agencies face reduced budgets. Meanwhile, growing economies in some countries urgently require effective tax administration to fund the development of services and infrastructure.

Technology should help. But many agencies struggle with aging systems. They lack the flexibility to change just when change is needed most. They lack the openness to connect to other agencies when increased collaboration could improve compliance. And many are vulnerable to cyber-attack when government protection of taxpayer information is under increasing scrutiny.

HP Tax and Revenue Solutions help taxation agencies modernize their applications and infrastructure to better meet demands while reducing the cost of operations.

Achieve a secure, flexible system.

HP Tax and Revenue Solutions cover all phases of tax and revenue management—on-line filing, tax assessment and processing, audit and compliance, and collection of overdue taxes. And our experience and proven methodology reduce risk and shorten implementation times.

Our process provides:

  • Study—We examine your goals and your existing operations, applications, problems and constraints.
  • Roadmap creation—We develop a roadmap to transform your applications. We can modernize existing applications or identify and implement new ones. New applications, often based on COTS products, use modern approaches like service-oriented architecture and open interfaces to increase flexibility.
  • Implementation—We implement the planned solution, integrate it with existing systems and connect it to other agencies.
  • Support—We work with you to define and provide the ongoing support, application maintenance and infrastructure operation you need.

Combining tax and technology expertise

We have been helping tax and revenue agencies increase collections, lower cost and improve security and agility for 20 years. We don’t just build and operate tax and revenue systems, in some instances we perform tax and revenue collection services for governments. So we know tax processes, and we know how to apply technology to improve them.

Our proven methodology compares your operations to our framework of standard tax processes to identify needed enhancements. And we plan and implement a solution using best practices we have developed working with other tax and revenue agencies around the world. That reduces risk and creates more predictable outcomes.

The result is secure, flexible systems that can better adapt to your current and future needs.