Gain control

HP Public Finance and Treasury solutions provide a Public Finance Management Information System (PFMIS). It helps ministries of finance and other government finance agencies prepare, execute and control state budgets.

The PFMIS lets budget administrators establish a medium-term expenditure framework, macro-economic indicators and other parameters. It engages direct and indirect budget beneficiaries in the budget process. It manages budget preparation, distribution and consolidation. It validates commitments and processes payments. It accounts for revenue and enables financial managers to manage debt and liquidity. And it provides consolidated financial reports to the state.

HP Public Finance and Treasury solutions enhance transparency of public funds administration. They improve financial control, reduce budget over-expenditure and public debt, and drive down the cost of public finance administration. They help you gain control of public finance administration and state budget management.

Meeting increased demands on public finance administration

The economic downturn has reduced revenues for most countries. In response, governments impose restraints on public spending and require careful management of budget deficits. Finance ministers and treasurers are challenged to manage liquidity and assure control. And they must provide law makers and executives an integrated view of the financial situation of the state and its organizational components.

At the same time budget management becomes more complex. Many governments must integrate external funding sources with state funds to achieve complex program goals. They expand their planning cycle over several years and implement performance measures on public services. All governments demand increased financial transparency and improved predictability of their future financial situation.

And of course, all governments demand more for less—in line ministries and in the financial management process itself.

A comprehensive solution supporting the complete budget process

HP Public Finance and Treasury solutions bring you software from industry-leading suppliers. More important, they bring HP public finance expertise. We design and implement the system, integrate it with existing systems or those of your beneficiaries and support your team into the future. Our solutions include:

  • Budget preparation—Enables beneficiaries to connect to the budget process via web interface or integration of their existing systems. Includes budget design, preparation, simulations and approval.
  • Budget execution—Enables financial planning, budget distribution and modification, management of commitments, expenditure and revenue processing, and budget internal audits.
  • Treasury and budget accounting—Provides fixed assets accounting, cash flow management, debt and reserves, and liquidity management.
  • Common financial functions—Include data collection and consolidation, reporting and analytical processing, and state account consolidation.

Combining public finance and technology expertise to create the solutions you need

Public Finance and Treasury solutions from HP bring you a complete software solution. They also bring you the public finance experience and best practices we have gained working with more than 30 public finance agencies in more than 15 countries. We help our clients with budget preparation and management, tax and revenue solutions, customs, national payment systems and interbank payment systems for central banks.

We combine public finance experience with technology expertise. That means we create modern, flexible solutions that add the functionality you need while integrating with existing systems. And we use our purchasing power to bring you flexible licensing terms that can drive down the cost of new solutions.