Convert back-office spending to outbound services

Governments at all levels seek to expand services to citizens while reducing costs. As a result, all eyes turn to back office functions like HR, finance, procurement and other support activities. Cuts there can make funds available for the citizen-facing services needed.

HP Administration Services solutions help governments consolidate back office functions across agencies into new service delivery models. They lower costs while maintaining the essential services agencies need.

We can help you take the journey to effective, efficient back office services. We work with you to determine the best model—perhaps a combination of in-house and outsourced services. We develop a plan to get you there, and we help you implement the plan. Then we help your team transition to the new model and support them to enable long-term success.

Our administration services solutions help you do what government agencies are expected to do—improve service to citizens while reducing the cost of government.

A solution. But how to get there?

For government agencies there are two compelling truths:

  • The demand for front-line services goes up
  • The budget allocation to deliver them goes down

For many governments the answer is to reduce the cost of back office business support functions so money can be applied to front-line services. Efficiencies can come through consolidating back office functions across multiple agencies—one HR service, one finance organization, one procurement team, one asset management team—all using standard processes in a shared services delivery model.

But many agencies are saddled with business models that may not be up to the task. Changing them is challenging, and replacing them requires operational expenditures that are nearly impossible in the current revenue situation. So how do you get there—in the expected timeframe, at the expected cost, without undue risk?

Taking the first step to transform administration services

HP Administration Services solutions help government agencies reduce cost and enable consistent services while avoiding capital expenditures.

Here’s what we do:

  • Plan—We work with you to assess your current situation. We define an alternative model to provide the business support functions you need while eliminating duplication. Consolidations may replace multiple business systems with a single, modern system with the flexibility to adapt to future business needs. And alternatives may include outsourcing commodity services or accessing cloud services to reduce cost and improve service.
  • Implement—We develop a detailed implementation plan to get you from your present state to the preferred operating model. We manage the consolidation of systems or acquisition of new ones. And we help your people make the change smoothly, so timelines are accelerated and risk is reduced.
  • Support—We support your new systems and users to enable the long-term success of the project.

Combining technology with government experience and expertise

We apply the full breadth of HP technology and business services to achieve the solution that works best for you. We supply computers, from handheld devices to supercomputers. We are one of the largest networking companies around. And we’re one of the largest providers in the world of business process, IT infrastructure and contact center outsourcing.

More important, we have been serving the needs of government clients for more than 45 years. And our solutions combine that expertise in government services with our technology breadth to find and deliver the solution you need. We help you take that first step, and we stay with you until we reach our shared destination.



We helped Her Majesty’s Prison Service save time and money by implementing shared financial services.