Postal services for the 21st century

HP Postal Services enables national postal authorities and other large bulk mailers to update their services to meet the needs of an electronic world. HP Postal Services lets postal authorities offer new multi-channel delivery services like:

  • Hybrid mail
  • Online ordering and fulfillment
  • Digital validation of transmitted documents
  • Card accounts

HP Postal Services helps you change as the needs and habits of consumers change. You build on your geographic footprint and trusted relationships with consumers and businesses. You find new sources of revenue offering higher margins. And you use technology to reduce costs, making you more efficient and more competitive.

Building new postal service business on old assets
As consumers and businesses increasingly rely on e-mail, online payment and other electronic delivery options, the volume of first class mail declines. In addition, delivery of business documents and parcels is being "cherry picked" by private operators who can choose the most profitable operations and avoid others.

Loss of this traditional, high-margin business leaves national postal authorities scrambling to find new sources of revenue and to remain competitive. To do that, postal authorities must leverage the assets they have—a geographical footprint that reaches into every neighborhood and trust developed through years of public service.

HP Postal Services helps postal services achieve a multi-channel delivery model that embraces the electronic age and builds more sustainable business.

Multi-channel postal services increase revenue and competitiveness.

HP Postal Services enables national postal service providers to enter the fastest growing segments of the postal industry. And they help large bulk mailers access the "final mile" delivery infrastructure of postal authorities to develop business that benefits them and the post office as well.

We can help you establish key multi-channel services including:

• Hybrid mail
Hybrid mail is the fastest growing segment of the postal industry. It offers a lower cost delivery option to businesses sending mail such as statements, invoices and customer or shareholder letters. The originator transmits them electronically to a print center near one of your regional distribution centers. There they are printed on the appropriate form or letterhead, sorted and provided to you for delivery.

We build and operate the printing centers you need to offer this service. They contain the high volume printing and sorting machinery that slashes labor costs while speeding delivery.

For the postal service provider, hybrid mail eliminates the costly "first mile" of delivery service and provides presorted mail directly to your distribution center. That leverages your distribution network, reduces costs and enables you to offer valuable new services to postal customers.

• Online e-commerce platform
The growth of e-commerce also means growth of delivery services for products purchased online. Postal services are ideally positioned to offer customers a unified e-commerce solution. It includes online storefronts, order processing, credit validation, warehousing, order fulfillment and shipping. HP e-commerce solutions for postal services enable you to do just that.

We provide and operate an e-commerce platform encompassing the entire online ordering and fulfillment cycle. It integrates directly with the warehousing and delivery services you offer. We build web sites, process orders, perform credit verification and process returns and refunds. You do what you do best—leverage your trusted relationships with customers and deliver the goods ordered.

• Digital validation and authentication
Digital validation and authentication is a critical element in the electronic transmission of legally binding documents—contracts, offer letters, prescriptions and others. It enables senders of documents to digitally sign them. This assures the receiver that the document comes from the sender. And it assures both sender and receiver that the signed document has not been altered.

HP Postal Services enables postal service providers to offer digital validation and authentication services to customers. We provide the electronic transmission service and digital validation facilities. And we archive transmitted documents, so the original authenticated document can be retrieved in the future.

• Post office card accounts
Post office card accounts provide a method of distributing funds to people who may lack regular bank accounts. The funds are made available via smart cards that store the account holder's account data and embody secure anti-theft and anti-counterfeit measures to protect it.

Post office card accounts are an ideal way to distribute state payments such as social security, pension and other benefit entitlements. They enable beneficiaries to access funds in the convenient, familiar surrounds of their local post office. That improves service to beneficiaries and reduces cost and fraud in government payment systems. HP Postal Services, with a partner bank, can provide the system to produce the cards, enable access in local post offices and process the financial transactions surrounding them. We can also provide customer relationship management through our contact center to help citizens with their use.

Why HP for postal services?
HP combines technology with postal service expertise to deliver solutions that work. We have done so for more than 30 postal services worldwide over the past 20 years.

Our expertise in printing, imaging, networking and computer technology can help postal services expand into new, growing markets. And the new technologies we are developing—like HP Memory Spots, tiny wireless chips that can store significant amounts of data on almost any object—promise to revolutionize the way postal services operate.

However, it's not just technology. Our experience applying technology to real-world problems enables us to provide the security and business continuity you need. We operate data centers around the globe. And we provide outsourced business processes for both public and private sector organizations. That lets us bring the best practices and global reach you need to enhance your services and achieve new efficiencies.