Technology, expertise, best practices

Using the HP DMV Solution, motor vehicle agencies gain a comprehensive, integrated software solution for administering drivers, vehicles and the revenue from licensing and registration fees.

The HP DMV Solution processes driver licenses and manages driver records. It processes vehicle titles and registrations. It manages the inventory of license plates, decals and other goods. It manages money collected and distributes funds to appropriate revenue agencies. Because it's an integrated, customer-centric solution, you have a single view of all transactions relating to a single customer.

HP is the largest technology company in the world, and we know how to apply technology to motor vehicle administration. HP offers a full portfolio of services and solutions for motor vehicle agencies along with expertise and best practices that we bring to each client to help you improve efficiency, reduce risk and provide better service to customers.

Note: This government industry solution/service is primarily delivered to/for U.S. Public Sector clients. However, HP Enterprise Services can deliver this service and components of this solution to meet the unique regulatory environments and laws of respective countries around the world.

Computers should enable change for motor vehicle agencies, not impede it.

Motor vehicle agencies are under the gun to improve service and shorten wait times. Computer-savvy citizens and businesses expect 24x7 access to information and services. But law makers keep changing the rules. New regulations change fees and penalties. They require information sharing with other government functions like child support enforcement, insurance commissions and even libraries. And increased awareness of the role of driver licenses in security mandates new controls and processes.

Existing computer systems often impede change. They are expensive to update. Many are decades old, based on technology that's older still. And the experts that created them have retired or gone on to newer, more exciting technologies.

Our HP DMV Solution is designed for the rapidly changing DMV business. We’ve designed the HP DMV Solution with configurable architecture, workflows and business rules to enable change through reconfiguration rather than redevelopment.

An integrated solution with customer-centric views

The HP DMV Solution provides these integrated business functions for motor vehicle agencies:

  • Customer profile—Maintains customer information that links to all modules providing a 360-degree view.
  • Vehicle services—Manages titles. Sends renewal notices. Records liens, vehicle inspections and issues license plates.
  • Driver services—Manages driver license applications and tests. Captures photos. Interfaces with AAMVA systems like PDPS and CDLIS. Keeps track of drivers' history and privilege status.
  • Revenue and inventory—Provides controls for financial transactions. Manages fees and refunds. Manages inventory of plates and decals for financial accountability. Distributes funds to revenue agencies.
  • Commercial operations—Manages commercial permitting and business partners such as dealerships, insurance companies, inspection stations and driver training centers.

The right technology and the right skills

We have been designing, implementing and integrating motor vehicle solutions of more than 17 years. We’ve worked with sixteen U.S. states to design motor vehicle and driver applications. We bring together the full set of products, services and skills needed to help motor vehicle agencies improve service, respond to change and drive down costs.

We're the largest technology company in the world. We provide hardware, software and system integration services. But our expertise goes beyond products and technology. Our teams include experienced motor vehicle experts and skilled project managers. They have what it takes to understand your needs and implement a solution designed specifically to solve your problems.