Outcome-based solutions

The HP Child Care Solution Suite (CCSS) helps state and local governments implement client-centric, outcome-based solutions for subsidized child care administration. CCSS provides a modular software package that can span multiple programs to provide wrap-around services. In addition to the system, we also integrate the software with in-place systems. We can even host and manage the solution in our data centers for a complete turnkey implementation.

The HP Child Care Solution Suite offers a holistic approach to the subsidized child care program. A full range of functionality for client, provider and program management is available using the latest technology and system design. It links with early learning programs to improve outcomes for participating children. It provides configurable functionality such as workflows, document management and dashboards that make programs more efficient and flexible.

Demand is up; child care resources are down.

Agencies administering child care and other health and human services programs face new demands. Clients who need child care usually need other services to attain self-sufficiency. So, agencies seek holistic approaches that let them view all the needs and manage all the benefits for each client.

Agencies are increasingly called upon to demonstrate that they deliver expected services and that services have the desired results. For example, you must correlate child care early learning programs with later success in school. This drives new needs for outcome tracking and reporting. CCSS empowers clients to view and manage their benefits directly to improve service and reduce the workload on caseworkers.

The recession has increased unemployment and demand for services. But it has also limited funding as governments deal with budget deficits. For agencies, it means doing more with less. The right technology lets you do that.


HP’s Child Care Solution Suite consists of configurable, modular components that are shared across applications and services. Fully integrated modules include:

  • Eligibility Management—A COTS rules engine lets you respond to changes by configuring underlying rules without the need for system programming.
  • Case Management—Provides application processing and helps automate the process of enrolling children.
  • Provider Management—Manages licensing; maintains provider demographics, rate structures and contracts.
  • Financial Management—Manages sliding fee scales, service rates, tiered eligibility, and tracks multiple funding sources.
  • Outcome Management—Enables statewide reporting systems that track and report on outcomes to verify programs are meeting goals.
  • Self-Service–Allows both clients and providers access to information such as eligibility prescreening, client wait list, provider service tracking and invoicing.

A partner with the experience and the technology

HP has been helping agencies improve child care for more than 20 years with implementations of CCSS in six states. We’re one of the largest solution providers in the world for HHS programs. We have more than 3500 clients at all tiers of government in 83 countries.

We’re also the largest technology company in the world. Our expertise includes cloud computing, consolidated data center management, information technology outsourcing, application modernization, business process outsourcing and system security.

HP combines technology expertise with extensive experience in state and federal agencies to help you become more efficient and secure. We bring the expertise and best practices developed working with thousands of agencies. And that helps you deliver services while promoting transparency and safeguarding privacy.