Improving outcomes

The HP Child Support Enforcement Solution (CSES) helps state and territorial agencies responsible for enforcement of child support orders. It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of their child support enforcement programs.

CSES improves program outcomes through extensive automation, easy navigation within the system and an exceptional set of financial functions. It provides strong customer self-service features which reduce the workload on caseworkers.

CSES is a modular, configurable system based on service oriented-architecture (SOA). It logs all activity associated with a case with strong search and filtering capabilities. That allows workers to quickly locate relevant case data. It provides complete financial management of cases with strong audit and traceability controls. And it uses easily configured web services to connect to the systems of other agencies for location and enforcement actions.

Compounding problems for child support enforcement

The economic downturn hits state child support enforcement agencies on multiple fronts. Budget shortfalls often result in reduced agency staffing levels. At the same time, increased unemployment of non-custodial parents means less compliance with child support orders. That ultimately drives increased demand for public health and human services. So agencies ask staff to do more with less.

The child support program needs the ability to work with other organizations and agencies to obtain information and take enforcement actions. For many states this means interacting with more than 30 different departments and agencies. Effective child support enforcement requires this interaction to be highly automated. Aging computer systems lack the flexibility to do that efficiently, and in some cases automatically. That results in manual activities that increase caseworker workloads, delay enforcement and reduce its effectiveness.

A complete solution with links to the information and agencies you need

With HP’s Child Support Enforcement Solution, our experts can incrementally modernize your existing computer quickly.

Our solution provides:

  • Automated case initiation and management—Captures and maintains member and demographic data and detailed history of case activity.
  • Locate—Built-in connections to data sources that automatically take a definitive action on all data received. That frees up caseworkers to review the results and adjust the disposition of the information if desired.
  • Establishment—Initiate and manage the paternity and support establishment through simplified order entry processes.
  • Financial management—Manage all payments and distributions with exceptionally strong financial controls. Automatically initiate recoupments, payment adjustments, account reconciliations and general ledger interfaces.
  • Enforcement—Automate critical enforcement activities.

A partner with the experience and the technology

HP has helped improve child support enforcement for more than 20 years through service to 17 U.S. states and territories. And we serve other child support agencies around the world. We’re one of the largest solution providers in the world for HHS programs. We have more than 3,500 clients at all tiers of government in 83 countries.

We’re also the largest technology company in the world. Our expertise includes cloud computing, consolidated data center management, information technology outsourcing, application modernization, business process outsourcing and system security. HP combines technology expertise with experience at the state and federal level to help you become more efficient and secure. We bring expertise and best practices developed working with thousands of agencies. And that helps you deliver services while promoting transparency and safeguarding privacy.