Effective public administration is central to the modernization of public services.

Agile governments seek IT innovation to support and improve a wide variety of transportation and other government services.

Government transportation connects citizens and business with sources of supply and distribution. And, as citizen-centric services take center stage, and as governments aim to build and support new logistics hubs, there is new urgency to adopt innovative technologies and transform business processes.

With budgets being squeezed, making these changes requires strategic actions. HP leverages proven commercial and public sector experience to help improve government transportation efficiency, effectiveness and operations, while improving citizen service quality at reduced costs.

Our transportation solutions focus on delivering transportation situational awareness, critical infrastructure, logistics hub of the future, and innovative motor vehicle and driver administration.

HP can help you successfully address your transportation challenges and citizen engagement, so you can achieve your policy outcomes.

US Elections Management Services

HAVA compliant voter registration and election management

Motor Vehicle Administration

An integrated solution for drivers, vehicles and revenue

Port Enterprise Situation Awareness

Services to improve port capacity, efficiency, and security


Updating postal services to meet the needs of an electronic world

Governments don’t sleep.

Every day, every hour, and every minute, governments provide a vast range of vital services and functions. Putting technology to work to secure information and create efficiencies that reduce and optimize costs has become essential.

HP has designed government transportation solutions and various citizen-enabling solutions to address the unique needs of government, citizens, and business.

Whether your function is managing ports or motor vehicle registration, processing and delivering mail, or managing elections, HP's innovative technology solutions can help you to deliver unique public value.