Operations improvement is key

HP Port Enterprise Situation Awareness solutions help government maritime authorities, port operators and commercial port enterprises improve port operations. Our experts assess your situation and needs. We design and implement solutions to:

  • Collect critical data and events as they happen and apply business intelligence technology to produce actionable information.
  • Display data in a virtual operating center for improved decision making and operations effectiveness.
  • Enable collaboration among port stakeholders.
  • Implement new highly available systems and applications or transform old ones to meet current needs.

Port Enterprise Situation Awareness solutions help ports increase efficiency, optimize infrastructure and improve response to incidents. That enables growth in capacity and better security for port operations. The result—ports are more competitive, and contribute more to regional economic development.

New challenges for ports

National and local governments look to ports to bring global commerce and enhance economic development. Many ports have been in place for hundreds of years. But today—just when governments and businesses expect more—they face new 21st century challenges.

Supertankers, large container ships, increased cargo, and passenger traffic challenge capacity and throughput. The threat of terrorism and other criminal activity demands increased vigilance. The complexity of commercial relationships, regulatory procedures and inspections require a new level of coordination and collaboration among stakeholders.

This leaves maritime ministries, port authorities, port operators and commercial enterprises scrambling. They must grow port capacity and increase security of goods and operations. They must find new, more economic, efficient and effective ways to do business.

Turning port data into actions
HP Port Enterprise Situation Awareness solutions make actionable information available for real time decision making. Here are some of the capabilities we can provide:

  • Business intelligence—We link data from sensors and surveillance systems with historical data and apply business intelligence tools to predict and identify trends and generate intelligent incident alerts.
  • Virtual operating center—Current enterprise status and incident information is dramatically displayed in a virtual, visual arena to enable quick access from anywhere, anytime.
  • Port community system—A collaborative platform allows port stakeholders to exchange data and conduct business in a unified, secure and structured way.
  • Application services—We develop an IT strategy to modernize port applications or replace them with new ones meeting current and future needs.
  • Mission-critical systems—We use HP NonStop or high availability servers to enable access to the virtual operating center and critical port information 24x7x365.

Combining technology and port transportation experience
HP has been helping complex and critical government, transportation and port enterprises improve operations and systems management for 40 years. We bring a broad technology portfolio together with port operations expertise to create and implement practical solutions for complex problems.

We have specialized expertise delivering command and control systems—including physical and virtual operating centers—for government, defense and commerce. Now we are adapting those techniques and technologies to port operations. That enables ports to establish effective “anticipate—sense—interpret—respond—recover” capabilities for 21st century operations.