Whether you are a small or midsize business looking for simpler storage or an independent cloud provider deploying to scale, HP StoreVirtual Storage meets your virtualization needs. Take advantage of our flexible deployment options today.

New: HP StoreVirtual 4335 Hybrid Storage with Adaptive Optimization—get higher performance for your unpredictable workloads at a lower cost

ENHANCED: HP StoreVirtual VSA now comes with Adaptive Optimization—with licenses of 10TB or greater. Experience the benefits firsthand—HP StoreVirtual VSA free trial

HP StoreVirtual 4000
Optimized appliances built for virtualization
Scale-out storage platform that’s easy to manage, supports continuous data growth and keeps your business up and running
Simple — Reduce storage management and TCO

Scalable — Grow online and non-disruptively

Highly Available — Keep your applications running
HP StoreVirtual 4000 data sheet

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HP StoreVirtual VSA
Industry-leading software-defined storage
Affordable storage that starts small and grows to whatever scale you need—now with flexible product offerings ranging from 4-to-50 TB capacity
Agile — Create an instant Converged Infrastructure with data mobility

Efficient — Reduce data center and remote office costs

Scalable— Grow on demand to meet new virtualization challenges

Highly Available— Support data high availability across multiple locations
HP StoreVirtual VSA data sheet

HP StoreVirtual VSA Software

Which StoreVirtual option is right for you?

  • Create a virtual SAN in small and midsize businesses, enterprise remote offices or independent public cloud deployments from existing server and storage capacity
    HP StoreVirtual VSA

Free Trial—HP StoreVirtual VSA


Powered by the LeftHand OS, HP StoreVirtual VSA gives you superior data availability—even in remote and back offices—with HA across multiple locations and storage deployment models.

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Unlock your server’s capacity with free storage

Now available as a free download with our most popular HP ProLiant servers, HP StoreVirtual VSA provides shared storage for your entire virtualized infrastructure without increasing costs – or footprint.

Free StoreVirtual VSA Storage