StoreOnce Backup

HP StoreOnce Backup with StoreOnce Catalyst addresses the needs of small to midsize businesses, large enterprises, remote offices and cloud service providers.

New: HP StoreOnce Backup portfolio— completely new family lineup with increased capacity, scalability and performance plus new HP StoreOnce Security Pack

New: HP StoreOnce Catalyst ecosystem—boosting performance and deduplication ratios with simplified management and extended backup management software support

The HP StoreOnce Advantage

Backup shouldn’t have limitations. With the only federated deduplication solution available today, HP StoreOnce Backup with StoreOnce Catalyst overcomes the gaps, inefficiencies and costs associated with fragmented, first-generation deduplication technologies and delivers industry-leading backup speeds.

  • Reduce business risk and restore productivity with record performance
  • Securely consolidate 2.2x more to protect big data and cloud investments
  • Simplify application backup to free up more time for your strategic projects
  • Eliminate business risk by modernizing backup and recovery

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When Value Matters

New: HP StoreOnce VSA — fast, efficient backup without dedicated hardware, while reducing storage costs up to 65%1

Delivered as VMware virtual appliance

Single license enables 1-to-10TB usable capacity

Centralized management of all backup and copy activities

Cost-effective solution for IT-as-a-Service, Backup-as-a-Service and enterprise remote and branch offices

HP StoreOnce Backup datasheet


New: HP StoreOnce 2700 Series — backup appliance at a price you can afford

5.5TB usable capacity2 and up to 71% lower cost per TB/hr. than the competition3

Ideal for small businesses and enterprises with branch offices

HP StoreOnce Backup datasheet

When Capacity Matters

New: HP StoreOnce 4500 series — winning in small data centers with scalable data protection

Scalable to 36TB usable capacity and up to 5.4TB/hr

Enhanced security with HP StoreOnce Security Pack and up to 4.3x better backup performance vs. the competiton4

For midsize data centers and regional offices

New: HP StoreOnce 4700 Series — ideal for large data centers who have no need for high availability

Scalable to 160TB usable capacity and up to 70% better restore performance vs the competition5

Enhanced security with HP StoreOnce Security Pack

New: HP StoreOnce 4900 Series

Scalable to 432TB usable with 3.3x greater storage density vs the competition6

Enhanced security with HP StoreOnce Security Pack

HP StoreOnce Backup datasheet

When Scale and Resiliency Matter

New: HP StoreOnce 6500 Series — blowing them away in the high end

The only high-end solution with autonomic restart to eliminate failed backup jobs

Market-leading backup performance up to 139TB/hour and recovery performance up to 75TB/hr

Backup more data with HP in 5.5 hours than in a whole day with the competition7

Enhanced security with HP StoreOnce Security Pack

HP StoreOnce Backup datasheet

HP StoreOnce Get Protected Guarantee

Backup using 95% less capacity with ANY HP StoreOnce Backup Solution—Guaranteed

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1Based on May 2013 HP internal comparative analysis of publicly available list price data of HP StoreOnce VSA vs. Dedicated backup appliance hardware from major competitors.
2Comparison between HP StoreOnce Catalyst Backup performance and EMC DD160 performance using Boost.
3Compare between HP and EMC DD160 list prices and stated performance.
4When comparing HP StoreOnce 4500 stated backup performance and DD620 stated backup performance.
5Compares HP StoreOnce 4500 restore performance vs. EMC DD2500 restore performance of 50% of stated backup performance.
6Compares HP StoreOnce 4900 with 432TB in 12U vs EMC DD4500 285TB in 26U.
7When comparing stated backup speeds between HP StoreOnce 6500 and EMC DD990 over a 24 hour period.

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