Accessing data in a timely and cost-effective manner in order to turn it into useful information is critical to today’s business success.

HP StoreAll Storage—with new Express Query—combined with market-leading archive software including HP Autonomy Consolidated Archive, Symantec Enterprise Vault, CommVault Simpana and iTernity iCAS, delivers solutions that provide you with easy, efficient access to your archived data.

With HP archiving and vaulting solutions, you can:

  • Satisfy data retention policies and corporate compliance regulations
  • Grow archives non-disruptively and on-demand
  • Dramatically improve search response to end user or eDiscovery requests, irrespective of the archive size
  • Automate data migration to allow technology upgrades without downtime
  • Avoid vendor lock-in with standards-based access to your archived content
  • Enable meaning-based governance and derive insights from archives

HP archiving and vaulting solutions use policy-based tiering, disk-based online storage and tape-based offline storage to meet your specific needs. Unified archiving across storage tiers provides transparent access to content anywhere in your archive.


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Tame your content explosion -- in pay-as-you-grow architecture. HP revolutionizes unstructured data storage, allowing you to pinpoint data and make it more meaningful.

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