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First-generation deduplication products are built on outdated and incompatible technologies, resulting in limited scale and performance and inefficient data movement. HP StoreOnce deduplication and HP StoreOnce Catalyst—both designed at HP Labs—represent a new era in data deduplication.

Featuring a consistent, high-performance architecture and over 50 patented innovations , HP StoreOnce deduplication and HP StoreOnce Catalyst technologies lets you:

  • Spend more time on your business—not on backup
    Patented variable chunking and intelligent container-matching technologies result in performance that is 3x faster than the competition.1
  • Get back up and running faster when you need to recover
    HP’s rapid restore capability lets you restore at up to 40TB/hr—5x faster than competitors. StoreOnce recovery performance is 80%-100% of its backup performance, while legacy technologies restore at half the speed of ingest.
  • Deduplicate anywhere and replicate everywhere—with no limits
    HP uses a single federated deduplication engine, from application source to backup servers and target appliances, so you can quickly and efficiently move data from point to point.
  • Meet Big Data requirements with massive scale and availability
    By combining the HP StoreOnce deduplication engine with a unique scale-out cluster design, HP delivers the industry’s only large-scale deduplication appliance with fully automated high availability features such as autonomic restart of failed backup jobs.

We achieve these benefits by using a single deduplication engine and delivering the first federated deduplication solution in the industry. HP StoreOnce Catalyst uses the same deduplication engine as HP StoreOnce Backup systems to deduplicate data on application or backup servers before transferring it to the backup system—without the need to rehydrate that data. This more efficient approach optimizes backup processes, eliminates wasted resources, reduces network bandwidth costs, and improves backup throughput.

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1Industry analyst's competitive comparison available from the Edison Group White Paper, The Emergence of a New Generation of Deduplication Solutions: Comparing HP StoreOnce vs. EMC Data Domain.

2Backup speed claims based on May 2012 comparison of HP StoreOnce B6200 ingest performance compared to competitors’ offerings. Restore speed performance claim based on Evaluator Group analysis that indicated competitive deduplication technologies suffered a 50% performance loss for restore compared to their ingest rates.

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