Every day, storage administrators have to shift workloads, provision capacity and upgrade infrastructure. Virtual and cloud environments place even greater demands on storage—not just at the system level, but across the entire data center.

Much like vMotion in VMware environments, storage federation goes beyond the capabilities of storage virtualization. Storage federation from HP enables the online non-disruptive movement of storage volumes between arrays in a metro area. Unlike external storage virtualization appliances that add cost, complexity and downtime, storage federation from HP creates a persistent pool of capacity using native communication between system controllers.

HP Peer Motion Software is a storage federation solution that can be deployed for HP 3PAR StoreServ and HP StoreVirtual Storage without any complex planning or extra tools. It moves volumes while maintaining connectivity between host, source and destination systems in order to deliver:

  • Federated Workload Balancing
    Maps workloads to the appropriate resources within a data center or between data centers in a metropolitan area.
  • Federated Asset Management
    Changes IT refresh cycles by providing simple data mobility across clusters or generations of storage systems without downtime.
  • Federated Thin Provisioning
    Provides thin provisioning across arrays, enabling reductions in storage capacity requirements and operating costs at the data center level.


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