Autonomic Management

Much of the storage on the market today is management-intensive—resulting in complexity, human error, and an inability to move data without downtime or service level impacts. As part of a dynamic and unpredictable virtualized or cloud environment, these complications start to look more like chaos.

HP Converged Storage makes storage management autonomic—replacing manual tasks with built-in automation and virtualization that responds instantly to demands placed on your array. It’s storage provisioning, tiering and ongoing change management that happens intelligently, at a sub-system level and without administrator intervention. Autonomic management makes storage systems self-configuring, self-optimizing, self-monitoring and self-healing. It’s storage that just works, so you can work on other things.

With autonomic management, you can:

  • Meet service level changes without dropping what you’re doing.
    Policy-driven, autonomic storage tiering balances cost and performance automatically, intelligently and without manual intervention.
  • Make tedious administration tasks a thing of the past.
    Eliminate up to 90% of the time that you currently spend doing tedious, manual storage administration tasks. 1 Eliminate array planning; provision just once for the lifetime of an application; simplify change management; and minimize the potential for human error.
  • Forget about performance and capacity utilization monitoring.
    Autonomic storage reporting tools detect and resolve performance and utilization issues before they become problems.
  • Eliminate failed backups.
    HP Autonomic Restart removes any single point of failure with autonomic error detection and failover.
  • Free stranded capacity to maximize storage hardware investments.
    Thin reclamation identifies free but unused space on an ongoing basis to keep utilization rates high over time without manual intervention.


For more information:

1Based on HP Storage customer results, available from HP Storage Customer success stories.