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Introducing new generation of HP Moonshot Solutions

Engineered, tested and integrated for optimal performance

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An economic breakthrough for service providers

HP Cloudline -a server portfolio built for scale, cost-optimized and using open design principles

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Dan Vesset, IDC: Big Data infrastructure needs

Leading edge solutions for scale-out workloads, designed for performance and efficiency

Pervasive connectivity, smart device expansion and the explosion of information call for a new style of IT. HP's Scalable Systems deliver leading-edge performance and efficiency for scale-out workloads. Optimize your data center with HP Scalable Systems.

The Scalable Systems family includes:

  • HP Apollo Family for rack-scale performance, power and cooling in less space in a more sustainable way than ever before.
  • HP Moonshot System delivers server solutions designed for specific workloads to get more out of your infrastructure with less space, power consumption, and complexity.
  • HP Cloudline for service providers satisfies customer needs while meeting operational requirements and financial objectives.

Utilize solutions with HP scalable systems including Performance Optimized Data Centers (PODs), High Performance Computing and Mission-Critical Computing.


Manage, understand and use the power of Big Data

Purpose-built to scale for service providers, high-performance computing, Big Data, and more, delivering rapid deployment, greater agility and lower operational cost.

HP Apollo Family

HP Apollo 6000 System

The HP Apollo Family delivers breakthroughs in rack-scale performance, power and cooling in less space to find answers faster, in a more sustainable way than ever before.

HP Moonshot System

HP Moonshot

HP Moonshot delivers the right compute power with breakthrough economics for your data center. And with server solutions designed for specific workloads, HP Moonshot helps you get more out of your infrastructure with less space, power consumption, and complexity.

HP Cloudline Servers

Infrastructure for cloud age service providers.

The HP Cloudline portfolio is built for service providers. Our servers are made for extreme scale – allowing you to keep up with demand. We use an open design philosophy to accelerate service delivery and employ a cost-focused design approach to reduce your overall infrastructure cost.

Cloudline aligns capability with cloud business models.

Data center services

Man at data center

It's time to make a fundamental shift from focusing on your IT to what you can do with your IT: meet strategic business objectives and provide better services to your customers. To get there you need to transform to a data center which supports cloud, traditional IT and in-house solutions. Moving toward cloud computing provides better ways for you to source, deliver and govern highly flexible, scalable business driven services.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

High Performance Computing

HP ProLiant Servers deliver innovation at any scale and for any workload. Solutions are purpose-built and engineered for high-performance computing from mainstream applications to the grandest scientific challenges across a multitude of industries.


Performance Optimized Data center solutions

HP Pods

HP Performance Optimized Data centers (HP PODs) are a portfolio of breakthrough, modular data centers that help enterprises rapidly and efficiently expand data center capacity and meet increasing service level agreements. Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar data centers, HP PODs help you scale capacity on demand, reduce capital expenditures and increase energy efficiency.


Mission-Critical computing

Mission-Critical computing

Mission Critical is about uninterrupted application and business process access with the core requirement being availability. Your "mission-critical experience" is about anything that impacts the availability and reliability of your most important applications. From big OLTP systems that process orders and distribution to data warehousing and BI applications, your mission-critical experience is about keeping your business up and running and ensuring that your customers can access your products and services, when and how they want them, with the highest sense of urgency.