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HP ProLiant servers

Which server is right for your business?

This guide will help you choose

Focus on your business, let us simplify your IT.

What we hear from customers like you:
“I need peace of mind that our company data is securely backed up.”
“I worry about protecting our company network from external threats.”
“I need technology that drives productivity so we can focus on growing the business.”
“I never seem to have enough time or resources to keep up.”

HP knows that whether you are a small, but growing or midsized business you need simple, reliable, and secure IT solutions that kick your productivity into high gear and let you focus on your business—not your business IT.

Introducing HP Just Right IT Flex-Bundle solutions for small to midsized businesses

  • Delivering solutions to help simplify your IT decisions, making it easier to choose the right solution for your business.
  • Including predefined end-to-end solutions designed to help solve your business challenges as your business grows.
  • Tailoring solutions to fit your needs at each stage of your company's IT development.

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Where are you on your IT journey?

Whether your company is starting out, building momentum, or going through rapid expansion, HP Just Right IT solutions can help you solve your immediate business challenges and lay the groundwork for accelerating your business growth. Begin today by identifying your top business challenges and then allow us to guide you through identifying the right solutions to support your business objectives.

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Small office/home office
Solutions designed to be simple, easy to use, and affordable.

  • Getting core IT in place
  • Little-to-no IT staff
  • Minimal IT infrastructure
  • Basic data protection and network security
  • Adding employees

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Small business
Solutions getting you ready for what lies ahead with business-grade features that address the challenges of your growing business.

  • Adding
    • Employees, sales team, and customers
    • Manufacturing/supply chain infrastructure
    • IT infrastructure and integrating security
    • Facilities costs
    • Virtualized applications
    • Mobility across all stakeholders

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Midsized business
Solutions that help increase employee productivity, lower costs, and simplify your quickly expanding network.

  • Evolving
    • More analytics and business intelligence
    • System integration
    • Grater virtualization
    • More rigorous disaster recovery/backup and security infrastructure
  • Expanding
    • More sites, products, and customers
    • More IT infrastructure and applications
    • More facilities

As your business grows, new IT challenges can arise. HP Just Right IT solutions are designed with HP's robust partner community to meet your IT needs and keep pace with your growing business.

HP JRIT Flex-Bundle Solutions

HP Just Right IT Flex-Bundle Solutions



Use your inputs to generate an estimate of savings that can be gained from HP technology advancements.

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Try 60-days free remote server management

Moving technology infrastructure
into the future

Value and performance through consolidation

Why deploy VMware on HP platforms

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Are you under pressure to drive down costs while maintaining high availability?

Get virtualization moving

Too often, the path to virtualization is hampered by budget limitations, rollout delays, and technical issues; but now there is a way for your business – whatever its size – to take the fast track to virtualization.

Introducing HP’s Just Right IT Flex-Bundles for VMware vSphere® with Operations Management.

HP and VMware®. Two leaders, one solution

No matter where you are on your virtualization journey, HP and VMware’s strong partnership offers an easy-to-implement, easy-to-manage solution that can help maximize your virtualization results.

Working together, we will help you reduce costs, streamline deployment, improve availability, and simplify IT management. So you can virtualize quickly and get back to running your business.

Virtual technology. Real results.

HP’s Just Right IT Flex-Bundles for VMware vSphere with Operations Management can deliver:

  • 40% improved capacity utilization and 37% better consolidation ratio*
  • 30% reduction in long-term hardware costs*
  • 26% less unplanned downtime*

HP Flex-Bundles for Virtualization – Predefined reference configurations including server, storage, networking, software, and services to address the most demanding business challenges that small- to midsized businesses face. These solutions enable you to control and cut costs while improving the scalability, flexibility, and the reach of your IT systems. 

You will benefit from carefully crafted configurations that provide the performance you need, no matter what IT maturity stage of development your business is in, and simplify your management with online tools to monitor and manage your entire environment.

HP Flex-Bundles for Virtualization to help you reduce costs – Everything you need to get started with virtualization to deliver a cost-effective, virtualized infrastructure that meets your budgetary and high-availability requirements.


Choice of configurations

Contact your authorized HP reseller to learn more about HP Flex-Bundles.



Use your inputs to generate an estimate of savings that can be gained from HP technology advancements.

* Source: VMware vSphere with Operations Management – Product Brief, 2014

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Unleash analytics that drive
business growth

Read the paper

Are you harnessing your data to grow your business?

More than ever before, SMBs need to be able attract and retain customers. HP Flex-Bundles for SMB Business Intelligence with Microsoft® SQL 2014 solutions help you unlock insights on data up to 100X faster1, enabling you to act on trends more rapidly. With better productivity and reliability with up to 136X faster application performance2, we help you get more out of your data, making it easier to grow your business.

At the heart of your business

Whether you are receiving orders, invoicing, shipping products, updating employee information, or setting a marketing budget, your business data is at the heart of what makes your business run.

Managing this data and having the right tools to do that is the difference between a business with a plan to grow and one that hopes for growth.

Data explosion = big headaches

When opportunities arise, you need the ability to make decisions with zero delay. And while the emergence of Big Data means you have more information than ever to work from, all that data can actually slow down decision making and make things tough on IT.

For your business to succeed, stay ahead of the competition and grow in a fast-paced business world, you have to be willing to:
•    Take advantage of new trends including mobility solutions
•    Improve your customer service to acquire and retain clients
•    Reduce costs while improving quality
•    Find ways to get to market faster with new products or services.

Which data management solution is right for your business?

HP Flex-Bundles Solutions to help you acquire and retain customers – Predefined reference configurations that deliver affordable data management, enabling you to use all of your valuable customer data, applied in a meaningful way, to grow your business.

HP Flex-Bundles for SQL Server 2014 – Deliver three distinct solutions, allowing you to implement or migrate your database in a way that makes sense for your business. Configure and purchase what you need today, while allowing room for your business to grow.

HP Flex-Bundles for SMB Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 – Quickly launch new business applications that add value and competitive differentiation; accelerate your ability to make decisions that impact the bottom line, take your business to the next level.

HP Flex-Bundles for SMB Data Warehouse (DW) with Microsoft SQL
Server 2014
– A solution that allows you to quickly make use of aggregated data sets for faster response times and reduced reporting times. Make business decisions faster with accelerated access to critical business information that enables you to better serve your customers while reducing data management costs.

HP Flex-Bundles for SMB Business Intelligence (BI) with Microsoft SQL
Server 2014
– Fast, easy access to the business information stored in your data warehouse. Business intelligence adds to your data management tools to enable you to better serve your customers, improve customer loyalty and reduce your data management costs.

HP Flex-Bundle SME for SAP HANA -Real-time in-memory analytics platform designed for small and medium businesses. This Flex-Bundle solution combines the powerful capabilities of SAP HANA with the powerful simplicity of HP ProLiant servers to provide faster access to the wealth of insight that lies within your operational and strategic information.

  • Better, faster decision making
    Thanks to faster reporting, enterprise search, and access to more data than ever before
  • Simplified IT
    Complete, certified solutions to optimize your performance and improve your uptime
  • Higher return on investment
    Reduced hardware and maintenance costs with a simplified landscape powered by HP and SAP
Learn more:


Choice of configurations

Contact your authorized HP reseller to learn more about HP Flex-Bundles.



Use your inputs to generate an estimate of savings that can be gained from HP technology advancements.

1 Microsoft Analytics Platform System, Solution Brief, April 2014
2 Sungard: Financial Software Provider Doubles App Performance, Giving Banks More Trading Time, Microsoft Case Study, April 2014.

Microsoft is a registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
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Connected employees. Unstoppable productivity.

Watch the video
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Making business collaboration more productive

HP Solutions for Exchange 2013

How can collaboration drive business growth?

In an increasingly mobile world, it’s becoming harder to bring your team together. HP Flex-Bundles for Unified Communication and Collaboration with Microsoft® Lync® incorporate voice, conferencing, instant messaging, and more into one powerful, easy-to-use platform. What does that mean for your business?

SMB reduce costs | 137x457

Decrease networking
costs by as much as


Reduce meeting scheduling
time from 11 minutes to

1 min2

Increase productivity by

8 hours

per employee per year3

By unleashing productivity like never before, employees can work as a team faster and more efficiently—anywhere, anytime.

Read the report

Gain new insights into the power of collaboration in this white paper report from AMI-Partners: Making Business Collaboration More Productive: The Impact of Better Collaboration in the Mid-Market.


HP Flex-Bundles Solutions for increasing employee productivity – Predefined reference configurations including server, storage, networking,  software, and services to address the most demanding challenges small- to mid-sized businesses face.

  • Worry-free management – With a comprehensive set of easy-to-use tools that supports the complete lifecycle of the server.
  • Strong performance that saves on power – Get fast, simultaneous access to files while saving on your energy bill that helps you do more with less power.
  • Enhanced productivity, collaboration, and security – Centralizing business files streamlines access while keeping your business data in one place, where it is easier to protect.

HP Flex-Bundles Solutions for IT Infrastructure – Everything you need to make your business really perform. Flexible IT infrastructure that meets your technology requirements to increase productivity, collaboration, and security now; to prepare your business for major growth.


Choice of configurations

Contact your authorized HP reseller to learn more about HP Flex-Bundles.



Use your inputs to generate an estimate of savings that can be gained from HP technology advancements.

1 IDC White Paper: Assessing the Business Value of Unified Communications, May 2014.
2 Article: How Lync Delivers Value by Changing User Workflow (and Accelerating Execution),   Korneel Bullen & Bryan Bredehoeft & Darron Inman of Microsoft Corporation, February 2014.
3 IDC Mobility ROI White Paper: Enhancing Business Value with HP Wireless Networking Solutions,   October 2013.

Microsoft and Lync are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Do you have the necessary infrastructure to meet the demands brought about by an exploding mobile business environment?

Today’s users of IT have an increasing demand for access to their business systems anywhere, at any time and from any device. Is your business ready to address this demand, while insuring that your data is secure, that you can backup and recover data quickly and affordably, and that you are prepared to ensure that mobile devices are on-boarded, provisioned and quarantined?

Data protection = Business protection

Mitigate increased risk

  • 20 percent of cyber-attacks target small firms with less than 250 employees1
  • 60 percent of small businesses will close within six months of a cyber-attack2

Focus on your business

  • Solutions that are simple, secure, easy to maintain

Deploy with confidence

  • Flexible pre-defined configurations so you can purchase what you need today while allowing room for growth

HP Flex-Bundle Solutions to keep your business up and running– Predefined reference configurations including servers, storage, networking, software, and services to help small to midsized businesses address these challenges and insure you are able to keep your business up and running.

HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 with McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection – The benefits of a small, quiet, and stylishly designed server with an industry-leading security solution is now within your reach.

Learn more:

HP Flex-Bundles for Data Security with HP Secure Encryption – A controller-based, security solution that protects data at rest on any hard-disk drive, solid-state drive, and cache memory. It is easy to deploy, simple to manage, and invisible to the end user.

Learn more:

Secure access and continuity– Optimize business results with secure and continuous access to information—anytime, anywhere, on any device. A policy based, 7x24 access management solution for mobile and BYOD devices. Also, provides back-up and data recovery capabilities.

Learn more:

HP Flex-Bundle Solutions to keep your business up and running – Everything you need to make your business truly perform – scalable infrastructure solutions that will prepare your business for the demands of the mobile workplace and will secure your business data.


Choice of configurations

Contact your authorized HP reseller to learn more about HP Flex-Bundles.



Use your inputs to generate an estimate of savings that can be gained from HP technology advancements.