Collect, Store, Analyze, Predict, Report

As businesses adapt to stay competitive, adopting techniques like mobility and Cloud, deterministic methods of IT monitoring are no longer sufficient. New datasets need to be collected, newer IT management strategies, and a new style of IT Management is needed.

HP Operations Intelligence, part of the HP BSM Portfolio, groups multiple capabilities to provide IT with advanced analytics such as stream and topology based event correlation, predictive analytics, as well as Operations Analytics that exploit structured and unstructured datasets.


Key Features

  • Big Data technologies applied to IT management for vastly improved operations efficiency
  • Non-intrusive, advanced data collectors provide strong protection of investment
  • Advanced analytics applications provide fast identification of IT issues across all domains
  • Predictive analytics automates baselines and predicts anomalies to prevent business impacts
  • Cross domain reporting simplifies and automates report generation and provides forecasting based on current trends

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