Maximize data value with information archiving

Significant data growth and the continued increase in regulatory and compliance requirements are driving organizations to become more aware of their overall information governance strategy to mitigate the risks presented by their data. To address these challenges, HP Information Archiving solutions can help you manage, control, and enable greater insight into all data throughout your organization. They deliver rich visibility and conceptual understanding across all forms of data stored in disparate repositories to enable advanced search, eDiscovery, risk management, and regulatory compliance.


Key benefits

  • Comply with regulations for managing data and supervising employee communication.
  • Reduce the data footprint by leveraging single-instancing and de-duplication.
  • Mitigate risk by securely protecting data against accidental spoliation.
  • Increase IT efficiency with legacy database and application retirement.

HP Information Archiving Whiteboard Video

Learn how HP’s Information Archiving solutions can help your organization.

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