Measuring and monitoring from outside the firewall

HP SiteSeer is an application monitoring solution that enables monitoring of the availability and performance of your applications and web infrastructure from points outside of their firewall. HP SiteSeer provides a lightweight, flexible, intuitive, cost-effective, subscription-based way to help you assess the availability and performance of your critical business systems. With SiteSeer, you can easily monitor and receive alerts on the availability and performance of critical business systems. 

Key benefits

  • Availability and performance measured from 20+ locations outside the firewall
  • Speed of provisioning and minimal learning curve means fast implementation
  • Subscription-based pricing leverages operational expenses without capital investment
  • 24x7 access to HP SaaS Support
  • Agentless monitoring over the web means no hardware, software, or on-site services

SiteSeer recorded presentation ( 11:18 minutes)

HP SiteSeer on SaaS

Download this recorded presentation to learn how SiteSeer provides affordable on demand web monitoring

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