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Better visibility, more uptime, lower costs

HP Universal Discovery software helps your IT team map configurations and inventory hardware, network devices, clusters, applications, and middleware in traditional, virtualized, and cloud environments. By automating hardware and software discovery and dependency mapping of your services and applications and the hardware that supports them, Universal Discovery simplifies and accelerates failure impact analysis, reduces business downtime, improves visibility, and cuts operational expenses.


Key features

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower MTTR
  • Increased business-service availability
  • Improved visibility into legacy IT infrastructure for data center transformation
  • Better planning for modernization of application portfolios and IT infrastructure

HP Universal Discovery for Oracle Licensing

HP Universal Discovery for Oracle License Management Service allows clients to run an internal Oracle compliance discovery job which publishes the results within the HP Universal Configuration Management Database. Clients are then able to do a raw data export to send a packaged bundle of technical reports to Oracle for official verification.

Download the HP UD for Oracle Licensing data sheet

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