Learning & Development - Israel

HP is committed to the development of each of its employees, equipping you with all the skills for your career. We concentrate on both ‘soft’ and technical skills, placing heavy emphasis on ‘on the job’ learning as well as formal instruction.

At HP, in partnership with us you take ownership of your training and development - working with managers and development consultants to find the best ways to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Whether you prefer to build your career locally or globally, to move into generalist role or become a specialist in a certain area, you may choose to learn through on-the-job learning or off-site courses. You will also have access to on-line internal training programs so you may gather all the tools necessary to face new challenges.

In addition, because there are no predetermined careers at HP, there are many professional development possibilities. You structure and design your progression yourself based on your interests and skills. You may decide to become the best technical specialist in a leading knowledge area, develop team management or project management skills, business areas or even prepare for an international career, if that is what you like most. With us, you will have access to a range of professional possibilities.