IT Security and Risk Analysis

We'll look at your security strategy, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current security posture, gauge the risks to your IT infrastructure and business data, and show you how to address potentially damaging vulnerabilities.

  • Security Quick Assessment—Learn about security risks and get recommendations to fix them.
  • Custom Security Assessment—Gain an in-depth picture of your unique security risks.
  • System Security Healthcheck—Get a host-based approach to detect platform security weaknesses that are not visible to network scanning.
  • Database Security Healthcheck—Learn vital information to improve data integrity, availability, access control, and security management.
  • Intranet Security Healthcheck—Learn the vulnerability of business-critical systems connected to your intranet.

Meet the Expert

Connect with our HP technology experts like Tari Schreider to find out about our security assessment and healthcheck services.