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Defining a problem can often be the most critical step in finding the solution. Once you understand the bigger issue and its connection to everyday operations, it is easier to clear a path to get there.

HP leadership is applying this concept to our work with clients, helping them bridge the gap between conceptual market ideas and real-life answers, especially as they relate to technology. The topics are those we hear most often in conversations with our customers, so our focus is around answers that address their most common questions and concerns.

Although our definitions are unique to HP, they are based on a deep knowledge and understanding of both the IT industry and the market as a whole, making them relevant and applicable to today's business leader.


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IT Security Services
Integrates security solutions that address your business and compliance needs and allows the right people to access appropriate information and services.

Key To Successful Employee Transitions
See why each stage of the employee transition process carries its own significance.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Create the opportunity for rapid growth and enable organizations to compete more successfully in the marketplace.

Revitalizes information technology assets creating an agile, flexible IT environment that is responsive to change and improves performance.

The Cloud
A dynamic addition to traditional IT capabilities. HP works the cloud to deliver services and keep innovation alive.