Beyond Paper: Evolve from an Analog to Digital Business

It's an increasingly digital world. HP provides the services you need to receive, create, store, distribute and analyze content - whether digital or traditional paper - throughout the document lifecycle. Whether you're in the financial services business processing loan applications; in healthcare dealing with HIPAA or other regulatory requirements; or in consumer packaged goods processing invoices from a global supplier base, we provide the tools and expertise you need to move beyond an analog culture, Digitizing your business while also transforming processes to create better customer experiences and greater internal efficiencies.

Customer Communications Management Services

HP’s Customer Communications Management Services enables your enterprise to consolidate, transform, personalize, and measure customer communications at your own pace whilst maximizing your existing investments.

Digital Vault Services

HP’s Digital Vault Service stores and manages documents through their entire life cycle, enabling clients to securely search, retrieve, and share content and related data as well as satisfying regulatory requirements.

Digitization Services

With your customers moving steadily towards a new world with mobility and web channels, your traditional paper-based engagements could prevent you from being connected during those crucial customer moments of truth.

HP’s Digitization services helps you to transform business processes and streamline customer experiences across multiple channels – including digital and traditional paper, anywhere and at any time.

Multi-channel Capture Services

Reduce costs and drive process automation and efficiency by using our Multi-Channel capture service for processing of documents via paper, email, fax, mobile and MFD channels. Inbound documents and content are channeled into a single pipeline, where document categorization, data extraction, field validation, and document conversions to other formats occur.

Multi-channel Output Services

Utilizing world-class technology, we assist clients to present high-impact, high quality and cost-effective communications to their customers via multiple channels, meeting customer demand for more choice in how documents are received. HP DPS enables advanced marketing capabilities by turning transactional documents into revenue-generating opportunities. We can insert personalized, targeted messages at document run-time, or enable you to sell document white space to advertisers.

Software Publishing Services

HP Software Publishing Services (SPS) offers a complete package of services that helps customers streamline their existing operations associated with the fulfillment (either physically or electronically) of software and associated software printed materials. SPS addresses the entire software life cycle, from global supply chain management and real-time order and inventory tracking to online fulfillment and reporting.



Unravel the complexity of your customer communications

HP Software Publishing Services provides physical and electronic software fulfillment and distribution, including replication of packaged software and documentation