Cloud Solutions based on flexibility

Shifting operational and business models in the new media landscape are driving changes. These are related to production processes, more flexible distribution systems and adding more storage and compute services. Business models are evolving to include new methods of monetizing assets, lowering operating costs and exercising better use of capital.

HP Cloud Solutions for Media offers flexible computing services with the capability for fast scaling of processors and storage to accommodate needs. Benefits of the cloud:

  • Less complexity with cloud-based service
  • Fast deployment
  • Front-end technology for high-speed processing that helps eliminate latency
  • Comprehensive and secure storage
  • Management geared to large numbers of media files
  • Quick and easy discovery of content in the cloud

HP’s Cloud Solutions for Media are effective and efficient. We bring together telecom, media and IT expertise to deliver solutions that are specifically designed for the specialized requirements of media consumers, creators and distributors.


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Transform and monetize media processing and delivery

Enable unparalleled actionable intelligence

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