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Why Migrate to HP Servers from Oracle Sun?

Transitioning legacy systems to a modern standards-based platform is a choice many companies are making to meet operational needs, gain new functionality and lower costs. As a Oracle Sun customer, you may also face additional concerns such as how to protect your existing server and operating system investments in the face of an uncertain product future.

For these reasons, migrating to an HP ProLiant (particularly HP's newest DL580 G8 servers, offering breakthrough performance and scalability with leading x86 availability and rock-solid reliability) or HP Integrity Superdome 2/NonStop server solution is an intelligent business decision.

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The HP Migration Center

The HP Migration Center offers proven expertise spanning all of your Oracle Sun migration needs, including database, server and application migration, as well as operating system.

Rely on the HP Migration Center to help identify and implement the right solutions to meet your exact needs and ensure a seamless, positive migration experience. Providing a proven, structured approach for migrating your systems, the HP Migration Center services range from preparing detailed Migration Assessments to execution and program management resources.

Learn more about the HP Migration Center by reading the Migration Center business white paper.