HP Corporate Training Solutions - India

Corporate Customer

IT Infrastructure / Application Rollouts

It is critical when rolling out new technology and processes – be it ERP rollouts/migrations, UC&C implementations, Mobility solutions or Virtualization solutions – that employees adopt the new system and use it effectively. After all, while organizations can decree such changes, it is employees who need to imbibe it.

HP’s solution for such needs is built on a robust framework of:

Management of Change services

  • Organizational Scan to evaluate the readiness status of the organization and its employees for the proposed change
  • Communication Plan encompassing the when, whom & how of the change sought
  • Change Strategy to bring about sensitization, awareness and change leadership

Training Needs Analysis services

  • Task Analysis to identify tasks each role is expected to perform
  • Skill Analysis to identifying current skill levels
  • Gap Analysis to formulate an approach to bridge the gap

Learning design, Development & Delivery services

  • Curriculum design and development of custom role-based ILT / e-learning content
  • Training delivery consisting ‘Train the trainer’ and actual training delivery

End-to-end Planning & Management services

  • Scheduling of training
  • Logistics management such as facilities provisioning and courseware printing and dispatch
  • Administration including tracking/compiling attendance, feedback & assessment

Corporate Learning Academy

In organizations that seek to build common culture, standard of customer engagement or knowledge level across locations, BUs and roles, it is critical that training is (a) standardized, (b) explicitly linked with growth and performance, (c) effectively tracked and measured.

HP’s solutions for such requirements build on both its own vast experience and expertise in learning as well as leading industry solutions to manage the same. A custom designed solution for such needs could include one or a combination of:

Learning Management System platforms

  • Register users, organize by roles, assign role-based learning paths
  • Manage training events, assessment and certification
  • Manage learning content and courseware
  • Integrate with existing HRMS/ERP systems

Talent Management System platforms

  • Performance Management
  • Succession & Workflow Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Enterprise Social Learning Management

HP Virtual Rooms

  • Remotely Assisted Instructor-Led (RAIL) Training through HP Virtual Rooms and HP Virtual Labs

Learning design, Development & Delivery services

  • Custom content development – Curriculum design, ILT, CBT content creation
  • Training delivery – ‘Train the trainer’ followed by training delivery

Channel Enablement Solutions

When relying on a large channel ecosystem to sell your products, it is critical that employees of the partners be equipped and motivated to sell. Product leadership & advertising can draw interest consumer interest, but it is the extended sales engine that has to convert it to a sale.

HP, with its experience of managing its own large channel partner network, is uniquely placed to help organizations with such needs. Our solutions consist of one or more of:

Learning design, development & delivery services

  • Curriculum design and development of custom, role-based ILT / e-learning content
  • Training delivery consisting of ‘Train the trainer’ followed by training delivery

HP Virtual Rooms

  • Conducting virtual instructor led training (vILT) through HP Virtual Rooms
  • Conducting larger events through HP Virtual Event Rooms 250-1500 people

End-to-end planning & management services

  • Scheduling of training – Role-wise, location-wise plan
  • Training logistics management – Facilities provisioning, courseware dispatch
  • Training administration – Tracking/Compiling attendance, feedback, assessment

E-Learning & M-Learning platforms

  • Learning Management Systems to provide access to e-learning content
  • Mobile Learning Systems to provide access to m-learning content through basic phones, smartphones and tablets